4 short stories of chicken soup for the soul with insights

4 short stories of chicken soup for the soul with insights

Introduction: Time flies, I am happy with myself, is there a place where I can place my wandering soul harbor. Dust-stained in the secular world, suddenly, like a cloud of smoke, faintly interpreting his own songs and dreams in the years, looking back slowly all the way. The editor of Inspirational Stories.com has compiled 4 short stories of chicken soup for the soul with insights, I hope you like it.

Story One Troubadour

According to legend, a man over fifty years old was terminally ill and sought medical treatment everywhere, but to no avail.

A wise man told him: "Your disease can be cured, but you have to wander around to attract him." So this man started wandering, singing around, singing to the rich and the poor. , patient, child.

In the past decades, he has changed from a prime of life to an old man, and has become a famous troubadour. age.

4 short stories of chicken soup for the soul with insights

One day, a passer-by asked him why he sang so beautifully. He said, "I have sung for more than fifty years in order to find a miracle doctor to cure my terminal illness, but he hasn't shown up yet. I What can I do about this disease?" The man said: "Coincidentally, I am a doctor." So he did a comprehensive examination for him, and then said to him: "You said you are over a hundred years old, but your body is still like this. Tough, how can there be any disease?" "Could it be that the wise man can't lie to me?" The old man shouted excitedly, "I'm cured, I don't need to sing anymore, and I don't need to find that doctor!" The next day ,he died.


Singing, giving, and reaching in search, this is the best doctor, and this is the essence of life. And to stop all this, the footsteps of the god of death are near. For everyone, there is only one life, how to find the happiness of life, that is the meaning of life.

Story 2 I am still alive

One day, a countryman accidentally fell into a river more than ten feet deep while crossing a bridge with a small four-wheel tractor. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, this man emerged from the water as if he had been stabbed while swimming, and the onlookers pulled him up. After landing, the man didn't feel any sadness at all, but he burst out laughing.

People were amazed and thought he was crazy with fright. Someone asked him curiously, "What are you laughing at?"

"What are you laughing at?" The man stopped laughing and asked, "I'm still alive—I haven't even hurt my fur. Isn't that worth laughing at?"


I am still alive,yes! What an irrefutable reason. On the long road of life, what is more valuable than supporting one's body to pursue happiness and savor a fresh life!

Story Three Any excess is a burden

Leo Roston is the fattest Hollywood movie star in the United States. His waist circumference is 6.2 feet and he weighs 3 One hundred and eighty-five pounds.

When performing in the UK in 1936, he was sent to the Thompson Emergency Center due to myocardial failure. The rescuers used the best medicine and the most advanced equipment, but still failed to save his life.

Before he died, Roston muttered to himself in despair:

"Your body is huge, but all you need in life is a heart!"


Your body is huge, but all you need in life is a heart! For a healthy life, anything superfluous is a burden. Isn't this worth pondering for us who are toiling all day for things outside of us?

Story Four Everything will pass

The king had a dream at night.

An ancestor told him a sentence in a dream, this sentence covers all the wisdom of human beings - let him not get carried away when he is happy, can extricate himself when he is sad, and always keep diligent, Conscientious.

However, after the king woke up, he couldn't remember that sentence. So he summoned some of the wisest senior ministers, told them about the dream, and asked them to think of that sentence. He also took out a big diamond ring and said:

"If you think of that sentence, engrave it on the ring. I want to wear this ring every day."


A week later, several old ministers came to return the diamond ring. There is such a sentence engraved on it:

"Everything will pass."


Live with a normal heart, this is the wisdom of life . When you are happy, don't get carried away. When you are in pain, believe that tomorrow will come soon and everything will pass.

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