A complete collection of humorous stories in cold weather

A complete collection of humorous stories about cold weather

Introduction: The wind is cold and the weather is getting colder, which means that winter is coming soon. At this time, we should remember to send cold weather blessing messages to relatives and friends, remind them that the weather is getting cold, remember to take care of your body, and wish them a happy winter. The editor of Inspirational Stories.com brings you a complete collection of humorous and humorous stories. I believe the following information will be very suitable.

1. It's too cold, if you need anything, please come to my bed and tell me.

2. I once threatened in the high temperature that I would rather freeze to death than become a hot dog. It was not until today that I was frozen into a dog that I understood the promise of Taimei because I was too young.

3. He said that my feet were cold when I slept. But he still didn't dislike it, and still warmed my feet with his hands.

4. The memory of that rainy summer is called the past. That snowy winter used to be called memory.

5. It's cold, if you can't give me a hug, just buy me a coat, thank you in size M! Please don't pay for it, you don't have to love it, but don't hurt it either.

6. Every second of time flowing, every thought sent, represents every blessing I want to send you: happiness.

7. Since the number nine, the wind is blowing and the cold is threatening. This is another extremely cold winter.

8. Others laugh at me for wearing thick clothes, and I laugh at others for freezing into dogs.

9. Can you give me a hug when it's cold?

10. Loneliness is not born with you, but starts from the moment you fall in love with someone.

11. In cold winter, there is heating and sunshine.

12. The leaves are no exception. The cold air paralyzes them, but everything is ready, only the winter wind is needed. A gust of wind blew, and the leaves came alive one after another. Some leaves couldn't stand the sting of the cold wind, and fell from the tree, sleeping forever.

13. Not replying to your message is not because I am cold, but because my hands are cold.

14. I can give you a hug at 25°C when it is around minus 15°C.

15. The weather is getting colder and colder. If you have a girlfriend, hug your girlfriend, and if you have a boyfriend, hug your boyfriend. I will add some clothes.

16. My mother and I covered ourselves tightly and were going to go out to enjoy the snow scenery. The wind was biting, but the air was so clean that I couldn't wait to see where the snow left.

17. There is a kind of cold that is not that you feel cold, but that your mother thinks you are cold.

18. Xiong said to Neng: You are so poor, Are all four bear paws sold? The soldier said to Qiu: Brother, have you stepped on a landmine, why are your legs gone? The king said to the emperor: What is the advantage of being an emperor? Look, your hair is all white. Guo said to Nu: buddy, you might as well not wear clothes! Chen said to Ju: the same area, but there are three rooms and two halls. Ri said to Yue: It's time to lose weight. I say to you: It’s cold, keep warm!

19. The scenery in the snow is magnificent, the sky and the earth are one color, only a piece of silver can be seen, as if the whole world is made of silver Decorated.

20. When a man and a widow are alone, it is actually a hooligan behavior for a girl to say that she is cold.

21. Dear baby, it’s cold, I specially ordered a small padded jacket for you, with love as the collar, cherish as the button, and care as the sleeves, I hope you wear it warm It will always be my intimate little padded jacket for winter.

22. The night is very cold, it is the day when the great cold is coming. The clammy air wraps around you, making you suffocate. Heh Yihe hands are not in the mood, because the mood has been frozen.

23. I love white snow, I love snow scenery, and I love winter even more. Winter is the annual ring of the soul. Although it is very cold in winter, it has unparalleled warmth and hope.

24. I like you" "Don't be funny! ""It's too cold, and I'm losing my mind"

25. The weather is cold like a joke, and life is like nonsense.

A complete collection of humorous stories in cold weather

26. Don't tell me God When it’s cold, take care of yourself and put on more clothes. The nonsense of taking care of me or buying me clothes with money

27. The north wind is blowing and the winter is coming, I wish my friends never forget it; keep warm in the cold weather , good health is very important; a happy mood with less worries, a happy life and a happy life; text messages sent quietly, may you be happy forever!

28. Unlike the sweltering summer, the cold wind in winter is true The howling wind that really plunges into the flesh and blood comes violently and coldly. In winter, this season, like a rebellious sword, overdraws the poor warmth and makes the unrestrained cold surge.

< p>29. As winter comes, my first feeling is cold and lonely. It is the desertedness of winter that makes me know how to calm down. I understand that not all coldness will make people frustrated.

30. Remember It was a bitterly cold winter. I didn’t want to go to class in the morning, so I asked my roommate to help me ask for leave, and I just found a reason. Soon, the news of my heat stroke spread throughout the campus.

31. It’s cold, you I need to wear more clothes, don’t freeze my whole world.

32. If you say it’s raining, you’ll hold an umbrella for me. If you say it’s cold, you’ll give me warmth.

33. You are the prince in the fairy tale I made up, and I am just a passer-by in your life.

34. Change is an eternal theme, and invariance is a relative definition. The solar terms are changing, From the cold dew to the frost, what remains unchanged is the still concern. The weather is getting colder, but the sincere greetings are still warm: May you be happy and happy every daysky!

35. The weather is so cold that I have frozen into a popsicle. It's too cold to stretch out my hands, so I give you a warm hug.

36. It's cold, and whenever I lie in bed and don't want to get up, I think of Teacher Cang's teaching: "Unless you can make money in bed, don't lie in bed."

37. In this cold late night, your heart fell, fell into a deep whirlpool, spinning constantly, but without direction. Your heart cries out to grab hold of something, but there isn't even a straw around.

38. It's cold in winter, a girl caught a cold, and her face was burning red. When I went to the hospital, the doctor touched his forehead with his hand, and after a while, he switched to the other hand. Then, the doctor said, well, it's quite warm.

39. I plan to meet you in a sunny winter.

40. In the north, the cold winter has come. In the morning, whistling, the cold north wind blew on people's faces like knives. The frogs stopped singing karaoke, and the trees looked like bare brooms covered with icicles.

41. If you miss him, send him a shaking frame. He will ask you why you are shaking and you will say I am cold.

42. I was caught in the canteen of Guangxi Chinese Medicine early in the morning Thief! Reminder that the weather is very cold, don’t put your phone in your coat pocket when playing with your phone, maybe the kid standing behind you wearing glasses is a thief...

43. There are several holes in the roof, The continuous rain fell into the house densely and relentlessly like twine, which wet the entire poor hut. The air was full of cold, and my eyebrows could almost be covered with a layer of frost.

44. It’s raining, it’s getting cold, everyone with families has gone home for a reunion, and I sat alone in KFC for two hours, just waiting for others to get off work, so I wanted to cry, So sad.

45. The wind is cold and the night is getting longer! Greetings softly, are you busy? When the seasons change, pay attention to health, drink more boiled water, and wear more clothes. It will be cold in the morning and evening, watch out for colds, take care of your body, and be happy!

46. After the severe cold, it is another year; care for the body, eat a reasonable diet; Happiness comes first!

47. Please remember that I am a cold person and don’t be confused by my constant madness

48. The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death The distance, but the temperature difference between the bed and outside the bed in winter.

49. It's cold, please give me a hug, if you can't give me a hug, please give me a coat, I wear size M... If you can't give me a coat, and there is no hug, please give me Bill, I have the card number.

50. It must be true love that can make you put your cold hands on his back when it is cold.

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