Bedtime story: The little cricket is afraid of the dark

Did you know that little crickets are also afraid of the dark? The little cricket was singing to send birthday wishes to the little snail, but the singing of the little cricket suddenly trembled. It turned out that it was because of the little cricket Afraid of the dark...

Autumn is here, and the wind is blowing hard. One yellow leaf after another was blown away, one cloud after another was blown away, and the fruits of one tree after another were ripened.

The wind blew over mountains, fields and small rivers, and hurried past the door of the little cricket. Where is the little cricket? Follow the footsteps of the wind and rush to play music for the little snail's birthday.

When the last cool breeze congratulated the little snail on her birthday, the little cricket rushed to the little snail's house. The sound of the little cricket's piano is cool and sweet... It floats to the tentacles of the little snail. The little snail shook his head slightly, and the sound of the piano fell on the bubbles that the little crab vomited. As soon as the little crab blew, it was blown to the surface of the river by the sound of bubbles. The little fish in the water raised its tail and shook it, then ran to the little turtle's back. The little turtle moved slowly, and slid down with the sound of Bubble's piano. The anxious big lobster stretched out its pincers, and said disappointedly: "Oh! Not good. The bubble burst, and the sound of the piano can't be heard clearly."

The little turtle hurriedly carried it on its back The little cricket stopped in the middle of the crowd, and another song floated out happily.

At this time, the last cloud in the sky disappeared, and the river was dark. The little cricket's singing suddenly trembled, "Huh? Could it be that the little cricket is tired?" asked the little frog who was late to catch the pests, "I followed the sound of the piano all the way, and all the tiredness of the day was gone. Thank you brother cricket!"

Bedtime story: The little cricket is afraid of the dark

"Brother Frog, I... I... I'm not tired... I'm afraid of the dark." The little cricket was so trembling that he couldn't even speak. The big lobster waved its pincers and slapped its belly with a smile, saying, "I've never heard of crickets that are afraid of the dark. It's really interesting!"

The little turtle shook its back The little cricket on the road said: "There are everyone around you to protect you, so you won't be in danger."

The little cricket hurriedly called to stop the little turtle and said, "Brother turtle, don't shake. I'm so scared." The little snail hurriedly climbed up the turtle's back and said, "Don't be afraid, I'll accompany you." The little fish also swam up to comfort him. Seeing that the little cricket was really scared, the big lobster immediately stopped laughing and apologized and said, "I'm sorry, Brother Cricket."

The little frog said, "I'll sing a few songs first." Comfort Brother Cricket, you all think of a way. Quack, Quack, Brother Cricket, don’t be afraid. Quack, there are everyone on the river..."

The little crab that has been silent all this time quietly I returned home happily and took out the jack-o-lantern that sister Rabbit gave me during my last outing.

I thought: I have never given upIt's useful, how great it is to help everyone now! The little crab held the jack-o-lantern with its two big pincers, and returned to the snail's house step by step.

"Quack quack, the bright light illuminates the river surface. Brother cricket no longer has to be afraid of the dark..." The little frog squatted at the door of the snail's house regardless of the fatigue of the day The lotus leaves in front of me kept singing songs.

"Qu Qu, Qu Qu..." The sound of the little cricket rang again.

The little cricket said happily: "Brother Crab's lights are bright and warm, and the love of my little friends drives away the darkness." fell asleep quietly. The little crab held up the lamp and smiled at the little cricket and the little snail, he didn't feel tired at all.

Night, quiet, you listen, the sound of the little cricket is getting weaker and weaker, and he is also asleep. The little snail also fell asleep happily, but his tentacles were still pointing at the jack-o-lantern! The little crab holding the jack-o-lantern was still motionless. Oh, it turned out that the warm light also warmed his dream!

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