Bedtime Story: Three Little Pigs

Little Pig Three Treasures has been a very fat pig since he was born. He is also very short, unresponsive, and wobbly when he walks. He was bullied and ridiculed by various small animals in school. Even his two older brothers Dabao and Erbao are unwilling to play with such a stupid younger brother. Little Pig Sambo is autistic and helpless until one day he had a strange dream, he didn't know that he is also very good, everything can be changed, the low self-esteem is just imagining that he dare not change. That night, Little Pig Sanbao was ridiculed and cried by his friends in the class and returned home in a mess. The two elder brothers, Da Bao and Er Bao, only watched cartoons and never paid attention to San Bao, despising his fat and stupid appearance. Mom and Dad didn't notice that it was often such three treasures. Sanbao was crying and lying there in a daze and fell asleep......

"Sambao, can you tell me why you are so unhappy every day? Always crying." A Grandpa Pig with a white beard asked Three Treasures.

Sambo: "I'm too fat, I wobble when I walk, and I eat too much. My classmates don't like to play with me. Even my two older brothers hate me. , how could I be happy? I feel very sad. In fact, I really want to play games with them, study and discuss problems together, but everyone rejects me, so I feel unhappy and sad." Speaking of this, Sambo cried again Feeling very wronged.

Grandpa Pig with White Beard: "Sambo, don't cry, you are a boy. Do you think boys who cry a lot will be liked by everyone? Everyone likes little men, besides, you are too fat It’s not a shortcoming. You forgot that the last time someone couldn’t lift something, you volunteered to get it. Didn’t that little girl say thank you? The teacher even praised you, how could it be useless? It’s you I don’t want to talk to others, I don’t want to play with others, I always walk by myself, are you right?”

If you take the initiative to help others and talk to others with a smile, others will definitely play with you son of a bitch. I also know that many girls in the class say that you are very cute when you are chubby.

Sambo: "Grandpa, is what you said true? Then what should I do to be as happy as others? I don't want to cry by myself every day."

Grandpa Pig : "Sambo, in fact, grandpa was also very fat when he was a child, even fatter than you (then he began to recall his fat appearance at that time and described it to Sanbao) when he raced with his classmates and always ran last. As a result, everyone Laugh at me, I also cry like you, once again in physical education class is to throw a small iron ball, the students in the class are all skinny, but grandpa is very fat and has the strength to throw the iron ballThe farthest, the teacher and classmates are all impressed, I heard that you are also the furthest, how proud, Sambo. "

Thinking of this incident, Sanbao burst into tears. He remembered that time when everyone applauded him and said that he was strong. He could protect the students in the class from being bullied by other children.

< p>Grandpa Pig continued: Sambo, everyone has their own shortcomings and strengths, so you have to give full play to your strengths and let others see your shining points. Fat people will be fine as long as they do more exercise. You don’t like to play or talk every day, can you say it’s okay? Stupid Sambo. And if you encounter unhappy things, you should talk to your parents more, then you will be a very good child. Alright Sambo, grandpa I believe you will do it, it will be great, as long as you help others more and bring joy to everyone, everyone will like you, come on Sambo,

Sambo was woken up by the pig mother to eat breakfast At that time, Sanbao remembered what Grandpa Pig said in his dream last night.

When going to school, Sanbao said goodbye to his parents very happily, and then he took the initiative to say to his two brothers when he walked out of the house: Brother, I am strong Let me help you with your schoolbags, and then I carried the schoolbags of my elder brother and my second brother on my back. The eldest and the second treasure looked at Sanbao very happily, and said that Sanbao was a great little Hercules. In school, Sanbao In physical education class, I am no longer lazy and don’t want to move, but run with everyone. When I see my classmates talking to them, everyone smiles at him. Sambo also takes the initiative to help everyone carry some heavy things, move the table, and sweep the floor. Everyone said that Sambo has become more and more cute. Since then, Sambo feels that everyone likes him more and more, and he has become more confident. Study hard and work hard.

Bedtime Story: Three Little Pigs

Sambao thought: " It turns out that if you want everyone to like you, you must like everyone, and take the initiative to help others to exert your own strengths. "

Sambo thought that he must have another dream tonight, thank you Grandpa Pig with White Beard.

Do you want to know what the fat little pig Sanbao looks like now? Please dear Readers close their eyes and imagine again!

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