Campus Stories: The Most Important Lesson

Dr. Robert Gilbert, President of International Hospitality Marketing Association and a registered hotel senior professional manager, attributed his success to the influence of a class on him. In one of his essays he wrote:

“The most important lesson of my life was learned in the first minute of my first class on my first day at college.

I opened my brand new notebook, opened the first page, and waited for the professor to start teaching. Before speaking, the professor went straight to the blackboard and wrote the following lines on it:

University is the source of knowledge,

a few people drink it eagerly,

more people drink it leisurely.

The vast majority of people just gargle Rinse your mouth."

A few simple words alerted the young Robert: the same is to acquire knowledge, but the attitude is very different. He said with relief: "Fortunately, I chose to drink freely."

Campus Stories: The Most Important Lesson

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