Chinese Folktale: Silly Uncle and Grandpa's Donkey

This is a traditional folk song "Wang Po scolds chicken". This "Wang Po Scolding Chicken" was tampered with by the blind second uncle in such a way, developed in such a way, used in such a way, used the past for the present, and used it for China.

When the silly uncle and grandpa saw the blind second uncle singing, they clapped their big hands like dustpans and cheered happily.

"Are you fucking happy with the oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar?" The blind second uncle stopped singing, and stared at the silly uncle and grandpa with two eyes with different contents.

"Seeing that you are happy, people will also be happy with you? You will be almost a hundred years old on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, and you still don't understand. You are so weird! "The silly uncle and grandpa muttered quietly.

The words "blind and weird" of the silly uncle and grandpa were almost completed in the mouth, and the lips only moved a little.

"What did you say?" The blind second uncle's ears were flat and motionless, "I'm not deaf, what are you going to mutter about that you think I don't know? Silly grandson! Pull—good—you—father—"

"Your father!"

"Who is the father? Don't be afraid of scaring Break your courage, tell me another word? Who is the father, ah——?!"

"My father." The silly uncle hugged the donkey's neck and howled With a groan, two drops of muddy tears dripped down, and I listened to "Wang Po Scolding Chicken" by the blind second uncle with a southern accent and a northern tune:

"The common people ate my chicken by mistake,

At most, he is a bastard.

The official ate my chicken,

It will definitely break his stomach.

The official stomach is not the same as the civilian stomach,

The things in the stomach They are all strange:

'Swan, Ground Bug, Pigeon Meat, Ground Squirrel',

These are the four wild game in the North Grassland.< /p>

Deer antler, tiger penis, dog treasure,

bear paw, monkey head, bird's nest, tripe lamb,


The bezoar in the belly of the cow,

The material in the crotch of the donkey.

The saffron on the iceberg ,

Ganoderma lucidum on Kunlun Mountain.

Ginseng from Changbai Mountain,

Chinese Folktale: Silly Uncle and Grandpa's Donkey

Grasshopper on the Xilin Gol Prairie,

Scorpion from the Nile,

Shrimp Soldiers in the Pacific

Crab Generals in the Mediterranean——


Do not eat anything that flies on the ground;

Do not eat anything that swims in the water ;

Four-legged, chairs don’t eat;

Fury, dusters don’t eat.


The sky gradually became hazy, and the blind second uncle's singing with a southern accent and a northern tune was hoarse. The silly uncle and grandpa could hear it Intoxicated, she even shook her head and burst into tears.

"Duoer"'s tail has been rolled up, and she is running around sniffing something. Staring at the hope that may be hidden in the grass with good intentions. "Hua'er" slipped back quietly at some point, the blind second uncle took a step, it followed, and the blind second uncle stopped because of the need to sing, so did it. Next. The two vigilant eyes are aiming at the darkening night. The second blind uncle calls him the father of the silly uncle-the donkey droops two huge ears, walks slowly, and is melancholy. Looking at the distance thoughtfully.

"Donggli Gelong! A strange melodious sound ended today's aria. The blind second uncle satisfied his first and fourth hobbies—singing and cursing. He looked at the sky for a long time with speckled eyes and said, "I'm home." "After speaking, I stumbled and stumbled to block the door of the chicken coop.

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