Chinese Historical Stories: Anecdotes and Allusions of Xu Wei, a Famous Writer in the Ming Dynasty, Selected Poems of Xu Wei

Xu Wei was a very famous military strategist, writer, and dramatist in the Ming Dynasty. He made great achievements in poetry, calligraphy, painting, and drama. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and even other regions are extremely rare. Xu Wei, in many aspects at that time, showed a color beyond the times. Such a person, of course, will not be a person who is lost to everyone, not only in history books and later historical materials, he is often seen, but also in many stories and legends, Xu Wei is also the protagonist of the stories.

There are many stories about Xu Wei in later generations. Although I don't know how these stories are related to Xu Wei himself, I can read them at my leisure.

Feng Menglong's "A Brief Introduction to the History of Love" describes a story about Xu Wei, and this story also involves some real nodes. very interesting. The story goes like this, it is said that after Xu Wei was elected, he went to work behind the scenes of Hu Zongxian, and Hu Zongxian trusted and doted on him. Xu Wei once went on a trip, and when he arrived at a certain temple, the monks there were very rude to Xu Wei, and Xu Wei took note of it. At night Xu Wei stayed at the prostitute's house and secretly hid the prostitute's night shoes in his sleeve. I went to see Hu Zongxian early the next morning, and told Hu Zongxian that he had picked up the shoe in that temple by chance. After Hu Zongxian heard this, he was furious and did not investigate in detail. He immediately arrested several monks in the temple and beheaded them.

Xu Wei was jealous and jealous, and married a second wife after his original wife died. One day when Xu Wei came back from the house, he saw a handsome monk in his twenties holding his stepwife in his arms through the window. The two laughed and laughed, very happy. Xu Wei was furious, took a stick, and wanted to beat the adulterer to death. When he entered the door, but there was no one there, he asked his stepwife, who was very surprised and didn't know what he was talking about. Later, when he returned from going out again, seeing the handsome monk and his wife lying on the same pillow, Xu Wei roared angrily, took a sharp object and stabbed it randomly. In the end, he stabbed his stepwife to death, and Xu Wei was imprisoned because of this. Later, there was a poem "Poetry on Dreams" that said: "The shrike opened, but the swallows couldn't keep it. Come tonight in a dream, why didn't it fly away at the beginning. Pity the female , scoffing at the evil couple. The two minds fall into the evening smoke, and the birds outside the door cry like rain." "It's like yesterday, and the four hooks of the shoes are not idle. The Tangli flower is stepping on the yellow mud, and the whereabouts of the Qiyuan Pavilion cannot be found. ”

Buy tank

Xu Wei went shopping one day and saw a vat seller, so he asked how much the vat cost per catty. The vat seller thought he was a layman, so he tried to deceive him by saying, "One hundred Wen per catty". Xu Wei nodded, letThe vat seller went home with the vat on his back. He asked people to wait outside, went in and got the weight, and came out and said to the vat seller, "I only want two catties!" Can move back again.

Picking manure

Chinese Historical Stories: Anecdotes and Allusions of Xu Wei, a Famous Writer in the Ming Dynasty, Selected Poems of Xu Wei

One day when Xu Wei crossed the bridge, he saw a farmer picking manure. Carrying dung across the bridge was really difficult, so Xu Wei kindly told the peasants that the two of them would carry the dung over together. The farmer thought that Xu Wei was a frail scholar, and it was not good to do these things, so he resolutely refused, but Xu Wei stubbornly wanted to help him carry it, so he had to agree. The two of them carried the dung bucket across the bridge with great difficulty. Xu Wei gasped and said, "I can't lift it anymore. You can figure out the other bucket!" The farmer's expression at that time must have been like eating shit expression.

Selected Poems of Xu Wei

Poems of Ye Xiaoling

Two Hundred Years An old man came to Xijing in despair.

Tired of riding on narrow roads, worrying about officials, wearing hats and green shirts to worship Xiaoling.

The head of the pavilion will end immediately, and the long live of Qiaoshan will be welcomed by the dragon.

At that time, my career was difficult, so I relied on middle officials to speak and listen.

"Inscribed Poetry on Grapes"

I have become an old man who has been down for half a lifetime, and the independent study is like the evening wind.

There is nowhere to sell the pearl at the bottom of the pen, and it is thrown in the wild vines.

Shanghai Song

Give up your strategy during the holidays, and let the soldiers tie their hands.

There is no limit to the dangers of the four frontiers, but they prevent the defense of the isolated city.

The wilderness alone is not the people, and it is abandoned like grass.

There is a husband in the city, who is worse than a puppet?

Standing for a long time, I can't sleep all day long.

It’s snowing in the morning, and the wind blows your elbows in the night.

He is also the same person, and the wine is served only after roasting the meat!

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