Chinese historical stories: how to evaluate Fang Yizhi? What is the relationship between Fang Yizhi and his younger brother Fang Yiai?

Who is Fang Yizhi? Fang Yizhi is the eldest son of Fang Xuanling, a famous minister of the Tang Dynasty. Who is Fang Yiai? She is Fang Xuanling's son and Fang Yizhi's younger brother.

To talk about the relationship between the two brothers, it should be divided into two stages. When Fang Xuanling was around, and after Fang Xuanling passed away.

Fang Xuanling is a famous minister, and family education and restraint are quite strong. With Fang Xuanling around, no matter whether the two brothers had a good relationship at the time, they always acted like brothers and sisters. But after Fang Xuanling passed away, things were different, especially when his younger brother Fang Yiai married an ancestor and returned home.

Which ancestor did Fang Yiai marry? It is Tang Taizong's beloved daughter Princess Gaoyang! Princess Gaoyang is one of Tang Taizong's favorite daughters. When she grew up, in order to have a good relationship with Fang Xuanling, Tang Taizong matched his daughter with Fang Xuanling's second son's widow love affair.

Princess Gao Yang is not satisfied with this marriage. First of all, Fang Yiai is the second son, and the family resources will not be better than his elder brother. Secondly, Fang Yiai is a person who is not up to date and has no talents. For the princess with golden branches and jade leaves, she must feel that she is not worthy of herself. Therefore, after marrying Fang Yiai, Princess Gaoyang disliked Fang Yiai everywhere.

After Fang Xuanling passed away, because Fang Yizhi was the eldest son, he could inherit Fang Xuanling's official title. This was a matter of course for the Fang family, but for Princess Gao Yang, it was not happy.

Fang Yi has always been able to inherit the title, but Fang Yiai who he married has nothing. Princess Gaoyang couldn't figure it out, so she personally acted and forced Fang Yizhi to give up the official title to Fang Yiai. From this moment on, the relationship between Fang Yizhi and Fang Yiai is about to break down.

As the eldest son of Fang Xuanling, Fang Yizhi should have been taught by his father, Fang Xuanling. Later, although he inherited his father's title, he still sat on the position of minister with his own strength, which shows that he still has abilities. Maybe it's just because the father's aura is too big, so it's not so obvious.

Chinese historical stories: how to evaluate Fang Yizhi? What is the relationship between Fang Yizhi and his younger brother Fang Yiai?

As for Fang Yizhi's private character, it's hard to say. But he fell out with his brother in the end, so he shouldn't be a soft bone after all.

Some people in later generations speculated that the rebellion between Princess Gaoyang and Fang Yiai might have been caused by Fang Yizhi. if this matterIf the love is true, then it shows that Fang Yizhi himself is deeply scheming, but at the same time, he is also somewhat scheming and desolate.

Because of the rebellion, Princess Gaoyang and Fang Yiai were given to death, their descendants were also exiled to remote places, and Fang's family was almost wiped out.

What is going on here? It seems that later Princess Gao Yang was upset when she saw Fang Yizhi again, so she sued Fang Yizhi for being rude to herself and molesting herself. The princess of a country was molested by his courtiers and wronged by her husband's family, so the emperor naturally couldn't ignore it. Although it was not Princess Gaoyang's father who was in power at the time, but Li Zhi was in the throne, Tang Gaozong still sent people to investigate.

A member of Tang Gao sect is Changsun Wuji. This investigation is also very serious, there is no evidence for Fang Yizhi's rudeness, but it has found evidence that Princess Gaoyang and Fang Yiai conspired against each other.

For a while, the court was shaken, and many people were involved. Princess Gaoyang's family was no longer prosperous.

Someone guessed that Fang Yizhi might have resorted to the conspiracy of Princess Gaoyang to protect himself in order to protect his own life.

However, there is no clear evidence for this matter, so let's not talk about it for now.

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