Chinese historical story: Is Li Shangyin's lover Song Huayang? And who is his wife?

If you want to say who among the ancient poets wrote the best and most popular love poems, it is undoubtedly the late Tang poet Li Shangyin. Li Shangyin's love poems are lingering and sentimental, showing a kind of complicated and delicate emotions. Reading his poems describing love will make people feel that he is a "veteran in love".

Many of Li Shangyin's poems are "Untitled". Is it because I really can't think of a title, or the title has not been recorded for too long, or what he wants to express is this kind of hazy beauty Well, we don't know, but we can gossip about his love history.

It is said that Li Shangyin has an "extramarital affair" in addition to his wife Wang Maoyuan, the Queen's family. The heroine of the extramarital affair is a Taoist priest named Song Huayang.

Chinese historical story: Is Li Shangyin's lover Song Huayang? And who is his wife?

Song Huayang was originally a court lady who served the princess, but her princess master became a Taoist priest, so she followed the princess into Taoism and became a Taoist nun. When Li Shangyin was young, he used to practice Taoism in Yuyang Mountain. After going back and forth, Li Shangyin and Song Huayang saw each other right.

Song Huayang's age is just right, delicate and beautiful, and the key point is that he is very talented, which is very suitable for a talented man like Li Shangyin. The two spent a very pleasant period of time in the Taoist temple. However, their relationship is not allowed by the etiquette and rules. With Song Huayang's pregnancy, their relationship was quickly exposed. In the end, Li Shangyin was expelled down the mountain, and Song Huayang lost his voice.

Although this beautiful relationship was short-lived, it made Li Shangyin unforgettable, leaving behind an emotional wound that was difficult to heal. The way for Li Shangyin to express this kind of emotional pain is to write poems. In poems such as "Moon Night Resend Song Huayang Sister" and "To Huayang Song Zhenren and Qingdu Mr. Liu" and other poems, he clearly mentioned a name, that is "Song Huayang ", so people boldly speculate that Li Shangyin's rumored heroine may be called Song Huayang. What's even more exaggerated is that there is another saying that Li Shangyin and Song Huayang sisters dated at the same time, stepping on two boats!

Li Shangyin wrote in "Untitled": "The stars last night, the wind last night, the west of the painting building and the east of the Guitang. The body has no colorful phoenix and double wings, and the heart has a clear understanding." As if he The love scene with Song Huayang was just yesterday, which shows how deeply he has invested in this relationship.

But a personal relationship is a personal relationship. It is impossible for Li Shangyin to marry Song Huayang, because in his family there is a virtuous and beautiful wife Wang Shi from a well-known family. He and Wang Shi have a deep relationship Husband and wife.Wang is the daughter of Jingyuan Jiedu envoy Wang Maoyuan, and she has not had a good life since she married Li Shangyin. Even though she stayed with Li Shangyin less often, she did not complain and did her best to take care of the housework for Li Shangyin. After Wang died of illness, Li Shangyin was distraught, and wrote the most famous "Going to Dongshu to Sanguan and Encountering Snow after Mourning the Sorrow": Dreaming of old mandarin couples." Between the lines are Li Shangyin's longing for his dead wife, which shows that the relationship between the two is very good.

Su Xuelin has studied Li Shangyin's love history. Apart from Wang and Song Huayang, there are several bizarre relationships. The most exaggerated one is Li Shangyin's affair with a court lady!

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