College entrance examination to fight the epidemic material excerpt

College entrance examination to fight the epidemic material excerpt

Introduction: I stand up not only for responsibility, but also because we have the same roots. Below, the editor of Inspirational has compiled materials for the college entrance examination to fight the epidemic. Welcome to read.

1. The scalp is numb, but tears are in the eyes. ——Netizens look at the photos from the front line of the medical staff fighting the epidemic

2. This is my home where I grew up. , this is my home, we protect her, the soil of my hometown has kissed her feet, if one day she needs me, just give her a hand, and it will be over, ——song "Wuhan Ya"

3. Kindness, blessings are on the way.

4. If there is no torch after that, I will be the only light. If there is a torch and the sun is out, we will naturally disappear with confidence. Not only is there no injustice, but also praise the torch or the sun as you please; because he has illuminated human beings, including me. ——Lu Xun's "Hot Wind"

5. The place where you stand is your China. China will be what you will be. What you are, what China is. If you have light, there will be no darkness in China——whoever you are is every one of our citizens, and the citizens who are close to each other.——Famous scholar, Professor Cui Weiping of Beijing Film Academy 48

6. May you always be full of joy, may your singing continue to sing, and may you be forever young and full of tears

7. Snowflakes dance because the world is so beautiful. Smiles bloom because tears are too expensive. ——Wandering Poet Qi Xinguang

8. The 8-year-old Zhong Nanshan has the professionalism of an academician, the bravery of a soldier, and the responsibility of a national scholar. He has worked tirelessly all the way, and is full of responsibility for the country and the people. It is indeed awe-inspiring My respect! ——People’s Daily Weibo post-90s doctor Su Yanru running in the ward area of ??the Fifth People’s Hospital of Xinyang City

9. When I work in this shift, I wait until the food stalls are so noisy that I have to talk at the top of my voice, and there are more people going to Wuhan University to see the cherry blossoms than there are flowers. We can't see the end, we can say with a smile, I believe in your evil-Wuhan promotional video

10. There are no angels in white clothes, but a group of children with different clothes. My dear children Everyone, you must be well, mom is waiting for you at home, come back for a reunion dinner!

11. Come on, Regan Noodles!——Chongqing Xiaomian for Wuhan Regan Noodles

12. ——This is the text written on a batch of emergency supplies boxes donated by the HSK Office of the Japanese Chinese Proficiency Test to universities in Hubei. This sentence comes from a sentence recorded in "Eastern Expedition Biography" "The king of the long house in Japan respected Buddhism and made a thousand cassocks to serve... Four sentences were embroidered on the edge of the cassock: Mountains and rivers are different, and the wind and the moon are the same." Heaven, send all the Buddhas to form a relationship together", thus opening a good story of Jianzhen's eastward journey and the friendly exchanges between China and Japan. More than 1300 years later, Wuhan received such assistance and blessings, which is really touching.

13. Whoever said that spring is coming, that is a lie told by the calendar, as long as there is still a city covered with ice and snow, we can't bear it, the beginning of spring

14. The Tao is not to strengthen the soldiers, but to strengthen the people. The way to strengthen the people is to develop healthy individuals and create an evolved society. ——Jiang Menglin, President of Southwest Associated University

15. Qi said that he has no clothes, and he wears the same clothes as his son.

16. Just ask for fewer obstacles on the road, so that they are equally ordinary. ——Mao Buyi

17. "If there is a war, the recall must be recalled, and the war must be won." In this battlefield without gunpowder smoke, we live in the room, but someone is moving forward with heavy burdens.

18. Li Wenliang is a hero, and many Chinese doctors are like him. ——Zhong Nanshan

19. If this epidemic spares humans, please humans spare wild animals in the future. If this epidemic is defeated by medical staff, please treat medical staff more kindly in the future.

20. The Chinese can build a hospital in 6 days, and it takes 4 years in Canada.

21. Urgently transfer to the Wuhan Prevention and Control Center to cheer for the angels in white! A little thought from me. Sanitation of Donggang. ——Yuan Zhaowen, a sanitation worker in Donggang, Rizhao City, walked into the police station, threw down 12,000 yuan, and left in a hurry, touching the people of the country in 17 seconds. The reporter found him, and he said: "The granddaughter's schoolbag and clothes are all funded by the school. Every year, a kind person donates money to the granddaughter."

22. I like the Chinese "Wuhan "Come on", "Hubei hold on", "China rises", I also like the Japanese "mountains and rivers in different lands, wind and moon in the same sky", but I prefer that the Russians just throw 23 tons without saying anything.

College entrance examination to fight the epidemic material excerpt

23. "When I come back safely from Wuhan, I will marry you!"

24. Living in this world, apart from life and death, everything else is trivial. This is a China Southern Airlines flight from Kenya to Guangzhou. There are no passengers returning to China. The plane is full of Kenyan Chinese who bought tickets and put relief materials donated free of charge on their seats. Almost all masks in the United States are shipped to China by the Chinese. A salesman said: This nation is so united, they can overcome all difficulties!

25. a The dragons in the whole village give you the hardest scales, even I am scarred! ——19 provincial counterparts support 16 cities in Hubei and gather in Hubei

26. Wuhan is a very heroic city, and China is a very heroic country——Zhong Nanshan

27. "I can go,Don't broadcast my name, my mother will worry if she reads it. "——A 24-year-old female doctor volunteered to fight the epidemic. She covered her face and did not broadcast her name during the TV report.

28. In the future, I will no longer dislike crowds of people, because that is the way Minan Guotai.

29. ——This is the copy written on the protective clothing jointly donated to Hubei by four organizations including the Japanese NPO Corporation Renshinkai. The words are from "The Book of Songs·Qin Feng".< /p>

30. When compassion can not only target human beings, but also expand and cover all life, can the most magnificent and profound human brilliance be achieved——Albert Schweitzer

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