Don't be the guy in the blue jeans

Don't be that person in blue jeans

The first time in my life I was invited to a reception in an industry, when I was an intern in my junior year .

When I was wearing a fresh white shirt and jeans that I thought was a bit of an OL style, when I met Master Lao Liang who came to pick me up at the airport, he looked me up and down, and his face turned dark , "Don't tell me you are going to wear this to the annual meeting?"

"What's the problem?" I looked down at my attire, although it is not luxurious and high-end, but it is still ironing post fit.

"Who have you seen dressed like this at a reception? After watching TV dramas for so many years, I don't know how to do it and haven't seen the excitement yet?" He reprimanded me with a black face.

But I don't look ugly in this suit, it can be considered simple and refreshing, I slandered, squinted at him and didn't respond.

He saw my disapproval, and gave me a look of hatred, and parked the car at the door of a clothing store, "Go and choose clothes for yourself, skirts, solid colors, Be a little more formal."

I didn't expect him to come for real at all, so I still laughed and retorted, "You have to look at the inner beauty. There are so many people at the reception, and what you wear is not the same when you are submerged in a sea of ??people."< /p>

"It's because there are so many people that you can't be casual", he said, "No one will talk to a person in blue jeans at a reception. I have the minimum respect for this industry and this occasion, and this seems silly."


A few days ago, there was a senior student in the background who was very depressed Leave me a message: "I don't think I'm bad, but why have I submitted several resumes but failed? Is it really that difficult to meet a Bole?"

In order to prove his excellence, he put his The resume was sent to my email.

It was a full two-page paper, using a six-point font. As soon as I opened it, it was densely packed like ants crawling all over the screen, and I had difficulty in those text with disordered line spacing and interlaced bold and italic I found his proud GPA, scholarship certificate, and experience in some group activities in school.

He asked, "How is it? Don't you think I'm not bad?"

I wrote out a few basic typographical errors on his resume, and replied to him, "If HR can After reading your resume, I think they may give you an interview opportunity, but the premise is that what you show must make others have the desire to see it."

He was furious Said, "People nowadays are superficial, and they can't even read a resume. Don't you think it's a pity that such trivial things have caused the loss of talents?"

I couldn't help but sit at the computer This hair is laughing, thinking of the company's HR being in a state of distress during the school recruitment every yearFeeling disheartened, I get dazzled by picking hundreds of resumes every day, and open several windows at the same time. If the attachment is too big to open, I just give up, and my eyes will not stay on each resume for more than a minute.

"They may not feel sorry, but if you miss the job you want because of the format of your resume, don't you feel sorry?" I asked him.

"Why do people become so formalistic when they enter the society? Does it mean that I am a better candidate if I make my resume more beautiful?"

I thought for a while and replied, "Yes, because if a person can't even follow the simplest formalism, it is difficult for others to believe that he can do other things well."


Since we were very young, we all like to play a game called "Guess", and always hope that we can give each other a real surprise.

Guess to see if there is a stunning heart in the inappropriate appearance.

Guess whether the timid demeanor hides decisiveness and neatness.

Guess to see if there is a lot of talent in the rough and arrogant speech.

Don't be the guy in the blue jeans

Guess whether there is an orderly soul hidden under the messy and rough handwriting.

I always hope that I am an old man in Huangshi who will never come out again, and I am waiting for Zhang Liang, who has a discerning eye, to accommodate me in every possible way.

But the reality is not a historical story, there are not so many temptations in the adult society.

If you have advantages, you must try your best to show them, and if you have shortcomings, you must try your best to hide them.

I have a girlfriend who has a good relationship with me. She worked in the advertising industry for seven years and reached the director level. When we talked about the company's trivial matters at a party, she said, "Actually, for newcomers, , I don't care how exciting they can make the content, but the basic line spacing, color matching, fonts, and pictures must pass the test."

"The most fearful. It is those who make the whole plan messy Colorful, you can criticize him, he still thinks he is the kind of person who is very creative." She said.

Starting from the classics and norms does not mean the shackles of inspiration and creativity. Improvements and breakthroughs have been made in the plate style.

Who doesn't hate form, but you have to have it before you can defeat it.

Those who refuse to succumb to norms and forms often lose from the beginning, and they have to do a lot of useless work to make up for the initial bad move.

Don't be the one who wears blue jeans, don't be the one who makes the other person not take a second look.

Your business card, resume, conversation, dress, and behavior all speak for yourself.

You can't be someone else, you can only be who you show yourself to be.

The so-called workers who want to be good at their work must first sharpen their tools, not only to do things handy, but also to prove to the person who entrusts you to do things: You are a person with diamonds.

May you have individuality and know how to be gregarious.

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