Educational story: The story of piggy and chicken doing business

One day a chicken met a little pig in front of a cafeteria while walking.

The two looked in through the window of the cafeteria and saw a chef making sandwiches.

Educational story: The story of piggy and chicken doing business

So, the little chicken discussed with the little pig: "Little pig, shall we do business together?"

"Do What kind of business?" Little Pig asked curiously.

"We make sandwiches together, I will produce eggs, and you will produce pork, how about it?" Chick replied.

"Okay!" The little pig replied cheerfully.

So, the little pig and the little chicken started a sandwich business together.

Half a year has passed in a blink of an eye, and the end of the year is here.

The little chicken told the little pig: "Little pig, we should pay dividends at the end of the year. How to divide it? How about half for each person?"

< br>Unexpectedly, the little pig told the little chicken seriously: "Little chicken, you think I am a pig, you are stupid! Hehe. When you wake up every morning, you only know a few routine 'ooohoooh', and go down. One egg is enough to complete a day's work. But, do you know how I do it? Every day, I cut flesh from my own body, and I use my own life to do things every day! How can the two of us share it equally? ?Although I am a pig, I am not a fool!"

Words of Wisdom:

In our real work , we will meet two kinds of people. One type simply sees work as a routine task, like chickens. The other kind of people regard their work as their own business, run it with their lives, and are responsible for every minute of their lives, just like the little pig in the story. People who regard work as their own career and manage with their lives, don’t they live every day that belongs to them seriously and be responsible for their own lives! Opportunities are reserved for those who are attentive and prepared, and use their lives seriously in the one who pays.

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