Folk Tale: The Blacksmith and the Doctor

Tong Dahammer was a crab seller before practicing sledgehammer. One day when he passed by a blacksmith shop, he saw that the flying sledgehammer was fun, so he threw the crab pick and swung the sledgehammer. After this swing, I never put it down again.

Tong Dachui mainly sells agricultural tools, such as: milling, hoe, sickle, plow, rake, columbine, shovel, pick, etc., of course, also sells kitchen knives, scissors, etc., and sells them in the market during the slack season. There are many people who recognize it, so after a year, he is basically not idle.

If you are idle, what would Tong Dahammer do——still practice sledgehammer.

Tong Dahammer practiced with the sledgehammer, swinging it very round, whirring, like playing a windmill, maybe the sledgehammer will fly out of his hand at any time. So, to watch Tong Dahammer practicing hammering, one must have courage. The one who loves to watch him practice hammer is his wife Zhou Xiaoran.

Zhou Xiaoran is the daughter of master Tong Dahammer blacksmith. I love to eat crabs.

Zhou Xiaoran often puts crabs on the chopping board and asks Tong Dahammer to beat the crabs for her to eat. Tong Dahammer swung the round sledgehammer and whirled a few times. The crab meat was intact, but the crab shell was crispy. Zhou Xiaoran picked up the crab, blew the shell off, and ate the crab with relish.

Watching his daughter-in-law eat crabs is a very happy thing for Tong Dachui.

——The two have no children. Having said that, there is a story.

The two of them went to see the doctor. The doctor's name is Zhang Duren, and many people come to him for consultation. Tong Dachui and Zhou Xiaoran sat outside the door and waited until there was no one left. Finally, they saw Zhang Duren waving and said, "You two, don't you have any children?"

Tong Dachui was very surprised, and said that he was a miracle doctor, and he knew it before he was diagnosed?

Zhang Duren just laughed. Zhou Xiaoran laughed very embarrassedly.

The fault lies with Zhou Xiaoran. Zhang Duren said that this is slow work and requires careful adjustment. What kind of conditioning method did Tong Dahammer say? Zhang Duren said to take medicine. Tong Dahammer said: Dare to do it? Zhang Duren said: I can't guarantee it.

After playing here, after a few days, Zhou Xiaoran went to visit the doctor.

So, in the blacksmith shop, there are more traces of herbal fragrance. In this herbal fragrance, Tong Dahammer and Zhou Xiaoran both felt very sweet. When he was idle, Tong Dahammer practiced hammering as usual, and when Zhou Xiaoran came over with a crab, he went to beat the crab's shell.

On this day, a young man came and said he wanted to fight with a knife. Tong Dahammer said sickle? The young man said no, it was a knife.

What did Tong Dahammer say about using a knife? The young man said to practice and play.

Tong Dahammer shook his head, saying that the sword is too fierce to practice and play. Young people say your sledgehammer, isn't it fierce?

Tong Dachui said that my sledgehammer is made of iron. But in the end, it was still a knife.

Before the young man took the knife, the two had a competition. After a few rounds, the knife in the young man's hand fell to the ground. Tong Dahammer said you saw it, the knife I hit can be retrieved at any time. The young man picked up the knife, turned and left.

It has been safe and sound. At night, Tong Dachui slept soundly and snored. Zhou Xiaoran couldn't sleep well, tossed and turned, and kicked people when he got angry. Tong Dahammer turned over and changed his posture, and the snoring continued.

Later, Zhou Xiaoran went to see the doctor, and it was too late to go home. Tong Dachui asked why it was late? Zhou Xiaoran said that Zhang Duren was busy there. Tong Dachui asked what he was up to? Zhou Xiaoran said that being busy with injured people scares people to death. Tong Dachui asked what was the injury? Zhou Xiaoran said the knife wound.

Tong Dachui accompanied Zhou Xiaoran to grab the medicine. Sure enough, when he met the person who was injured by the knife, Zhang Duren seemed very busy. Tong Dahammer frowned and waited patiently. When Zhang Duren was not busy, Tong Dahammer said in a low voice: Don't you know they are wicked people? Zhang Duren said he knew. Tong Dachui said that you still treat them? Zhang Duren said: In my eyes, there are only sick people, not wicked people.

It was a night when I found the young man, and Tong Dahammer was holding a hammer in his hand. The young man said: Even if you smash my finger, I will not return your knife. Tong Dahammer said you are not afraid? The young man said: From the moment I asked you to beat the knife, I didn't know that the word "fear" existed in the world. Tong Dachui was stunned for a while, then nodded, said hello, then turned and left.

Back home, Tong Dahammer was about to enter the door, but stopped. He practiced the sledgehammer outside the house. Flying out, falling into the crab-covered grain field...

After a while, Zhou Xiaoran became happy. Zhou Xiaoran asked Tong Dahammer to catch some crabs to thank the doctor. Passing by the city gate tower, seeing the young man locked in the cage, he smiled at Tong Dazhui and said sorry, it's a pity that you hit the knife.

Zhang Duren is idle and has nothing to do. Seeing Tong Dahammer holding a sledgehammer in one hand and a crab in the other, I wanted to see Tong Dahammer's unique skill in beating crabs. Tong Dachui swung the sledgehammer very round, like playing a windmill, whirled a few times, but the sledgehammer suddenly missed its aim and almost hit Zhang Duren. Zhang Duren moved his little finger away from the sledgehammer outside his chest, and said with a smile: But that's all, ha ha.

After two days, the young man in the cage was beheaded. On the same day, doctor Zhang Duren went to the yamen to collect a package of reward money. He stretched out his hand to take it, but suddenly felt a pain in his chest, and when he opened his mouth, blood shot out like an arrow... Zhang Duren died just like that.

Tong Dachui became a father, and the little baby in his arms is said to be like Zhang Duren behind his back. So people thought of Zhang Duren's death, and then wondered why Zhang Duren died. Tong Dachui turned a deaf ear to the rumors on the street and concentrated on forging iron. If he was idle, what would he do? ——Still practicing the sledgehammer.

It's just that, no more crabbing.

Folk Tale: The Blacksmith and the Doctor

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