Folktale: Ginger meets a hot hand

There are two brothers in the family, the elder brother is called Lu Ming, and the younger brother has a characteristic, Liu Zhidou, so people call him Lu Shou. The elder brother was born early, and the burden on his parents was light. He was educated for several years, but the younger brother never went to school. After the death of his parents, my elder brother got used to studying, so he couldn't do farming. Neighbor Uncle Liu said: "How about the two children of the Lu family? The big one can't do it, and the young one is too small. I'm talking too much, I can find something for the boss, and everyone can take care of me."

There is a landlord in Dongzhuang, outside Sanli Road, with a sharp mouth and cunning methods. His surname is Sun, and people call him "Ginger". Uncle Liu went to his house and said, "I have a lot of things to do today. The eldest son of the Lu family has studied for a few years and has a little ink. He will discuss with you and do things for him to make ends meet." Thinking: He has been to school and can read a little. My family has a son who has never been to school. I just asked him to come to my house and teach my son. So I agreed: "Okay, stay in the hotel."

The next day, the boss followed Uncle Liu to Dongzhuang. The landlord said: "Eat here, the money has to be settled once at 30 nights, and five taels of silver are made throughout the year."

It was spring when the boss went and he didn't feel that it was winter. It wasn't until thirty nights that the landlord called Boss Lu over and said, "You taught my boy to read for a year, and I don't know how he is doing. Now I have to settle accounts and leave to go home for the New Year. However, I I want to test you." In fact, "Ginger" had a wrong heart and deliberately made things difficult, saying: "I will ask you a few questions today, if you can answer, five taels of silver will be doubled, and you will be given ten taels; if you can't answer, one time I don’t have any silver.” Then he said, “How long does it take to travel from east to west? From underground to sky, how many days does it take to go back and forth? You can answer me!” Lu Ming wanted to say, “I’m on the road.” After a few years of study, you can answer what is in the book. If you don’t understand these things outside the book, I’m sorry.” The landlord said: “Hey, you can answer what is in the book, so I’ll talk to you about what’s in the book. Yes. Do you know Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms, what is his maiden name? Whose family raised Zhou Yu of the Eastern Wu?" Lu Ming said, "I read the Five Classics and Four Books, but I haven't read the Three Kingdoms!" "You can't answer it now." My question, you can't get my money, pack your bags and leave!" Lu Ming had no choice but to pack his luggage and go home empty-handed.

The younger brother knew that his elder brother was coming back today, so he was waiting by the village early in the morning. I waited until the sun went down at noon, finally waited until my brother came back, picked up my brother's luggage and arrived home. As soon as the elder brother sat down, he sighed, and the younger brother said, "Brother, it's almost Chinese New Year, so get the money to buy things earlier, and you won't be able to buy anything if you don't." The elder brother said:"Never got a penny." He told the situation from beginning to end. The younger brother's lungs exploded when he heard this, and said: "Let me go." He even ran to Dongzhuang. The elder brother was afraid that the younger brother would suffer, so he hurried to tell Uncle Liu. Uncle Liu said: "Okay, I understand."

The younger brother ran to the landlord's house, and the landlord said: "Your brother has gone home." "I understand! But my brother's wages are five taels of silver You haven’t paid it yet! Is it worthless to work in your house for a year?” The landlord said: “Your brother has no ability to get money. I asked your brother a few words, but he couldn’t answer any of them; Five taels of silver will be given to ten taels." Lu Shou said: "What few words? You can tell me again." The landlord said: "Your brother who can read two characters has not yet been able to answer, how can you answer?" Well, if you answer the question today, it’s still the same amount of money, five taels of silver will be given to ten taels, without further ado. However, if you still can’t answer, you two will be fined to come to my house next year to do a year’s long-term work for nothing.” Lu The hand said: "Okay." The landlord said: "How long does it take to travel from the east to the west?" Lu Shou replied: "It's not surprising, one day will come." The landlord said: "How did you do this day? Can you run well?" "Hey, the sun rises in the east when you get up early, and the sun sets in the west at night. Isn't it exactly one day?" The landlord never said anything. He asked again: "How many days does it take to travel from the ground to the sky?" "It's not unusual, seven days!" "What's your basis?" Lu Shou replied, "Why don't you understand? Mr. Kitchen went to heaven, and Thirty Yezi picked him up, and this heaven and earth, coming and going, isn't exactly seven days?" After hearing this, the landlord still had nothing to say. Then he raised the third problem: "Let me ask you again: What is Zhuge Liang's maiden name in the Three Kingdoms?" Why is there no basis?" "What is the basis?" "There is a saying in the Three Kingdoms: 'Ji (Ji) gave birth to Yu and He Shengliang'. Isn't Zhou Yu's mother the Ji family? Isn't Zhuge Liang's mother's surname what is the surname? Which of these old sayings I don’t understand!” The landlord had nothing to say to him, so he had to give him money. This is called "Ginger meets spicy (Lu) hands."

Folktale: Ginger meets a hot hand

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