Humorous story: Boss Qian's luck

Boss Qian is a shrewd wholesaler of non-staple food. Because he is too smart, just over forty years old, that fat head full of wisdom has become a shining mirror.

Chinese New Year is coming soon, Boss Qian is in a very good mood, he is happy every day, business is booming, and a fortune teller said he will have good luck at the end of the year.

Boss Qian wants to be lucky so much, he has long disliked the yellow-faced woman at home. Times are developing, wallets are bulging, Huanglianpo can no longer keep up with the situation. Boss Qian has long wanted to develop a young lover, but has never met the right opportunity.

On this day, as soon as Boss Qian opened the door, he found a red wishing lantern hanging on the pomegranate tree in the yard, which may have fallen down last night. Boss Qian thought it was unattractive hanging on the tree, like a bird's nest, so he took it down with a ladder.

After taking it down, Boss Qian suddenly found that there was still a red cloth strip with the scent of roses hanging on the base of the wishing lamp, on which was written an ambiguous sentence: I once made a beautiful wish—if You are a man, if you want to add a romantic memory to your life, please come to Jixiang Store, the answer lies in a box of crispy rice with mandarin duck pattern.

Boss Qian was overjoyed after seeing it, jumped on his feet and said: "Haha, I'm going to be lucky."

Boss Qian immediately put on a neat suit and drove his own private car Arrived at the auspicious store. It's the end of the new year, and the auspicious store is very lively, and there are crowds of people who come to buy new year's goods. Boss Qian squeezed into the non-staple food area, which was filled with an assortment of food, including instant noodles, ham sausage, buns, and of course crispy rice. Among the piles of crispy rice, Boss Qian really found a box with a pattern of mandarin ducks on it. He carried the box of crispy rice and came to the counter panting. After paying the bill, he couldn't wait to open the box.

In the crispy box, Boss Qian found a photo of a star-like beauty. Such big eyes seem to seduce people's souls. Boss Qian was almost suffocated. How can I get in touch with this beautiful woman? Just looking at the photos is not enough!

Boss Qian picked up the crisper box, dumped all the crispy rice on the ground, fiddled vigorously with both hands, and finally found a letterhead sprayed with rose perfume in the crispy rice, on which was written a line Very delicate words: I once made a wish to have a one-night stand with a caring man. Whether the man is married or ugly, I don’t mind at all. If you can give the food from the No. 2 cabinet in the store to In an orphanage in the suburbs, you can ask the director of the orphanage for a one-night stand ticket.

At the end of the letterhead, there are a few bold and bold words circled in red: If You Are the One!

It seems that if you want to find a beautiful woman, you have to invest first. Boss Qian looked at the food in cabinet 2There are quite a lot of things, and if you add up, you may not be able to buy them if you are not worth eight thousand, but then you think about it, it is definitely worth spending such a small amount of money for a one-night stand with such a beautiful woman.

Having said that, Boss Qian still felt a bit pained. After he went to the No. 2 cabinet in the non-staple food area, he suddenly found that these foods were about to expire, so he immediately went to the owner of the lucky shop , Said that he was willing to buy them all, but asked for a lower price, because the food was about to expire.

The owner of the auspicious shop is an old man, he said cheerfully: "I'm sorry, it is said that the price of expired food should be reduced, but this morning an unknown beauty suddenly called me and said that all the food No price reduction is allowed, and anyone who wants to bargain is not sincere, so don’t even try to be her boyfriend.”

Boss Qian had no choice but to call and hire a large truck, and then put the No. 2 cabinet I bought all the food and moved it to the car, took it to the orphanage in the suburbs, and distributed all the food to the children there.

The director of the orphanage held Boss Qian's hand and said gratefully: "I thank you on behalf of the children. An old woman came this morning and she said that a good person will come to give the children a gift. New Year's goods, I thought she was talking nonsense at first, but I didn't expect it to come true."

"What? An old woman?" Boss Qian was startled.

"Yes, this is a letter from her, please read it."

Boss Qian took the letter and looked at it, and almost fainted out of breath, only to see that the letter reads : Thank you for buying all these foods that are about to expire. These foods are mixed with good foods by you, a profiteer, and wholesaled to me. a game. By the way, I took that beauty photo from a magazine...

Humorous story: Boss Qian's luck

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