Love story: It’s okay to have you

The college entrance examination seems to be a joke

Later, Bai Qiran graduated from an ordinary undergraduate university in the province. He could have gone to a good university, but at that time he Fang Sheng is young, likes the girl in the next class, Li Hong's grades are not good, Bai Qiran doesn't care, what he likes is not the grades. Also, young people are passionate, regardless of the distant future.

It rained for two days that summer, and it felt cool. Not long after the war in the third year of high school ended, before the future had time to taste the pain of separation, the results of the college entrance examination came out. Li Hong did not get into the undergraduate course as expected, and Bai Qiran went to an ordinary university for a reason that he did not perform well. There was a lot of sadness, some confusion, and a trace of contempt, but it disappeared in a gust of wind. gone. Another puzzling thing is Bai Qiran's classmate: Ma Xiaoru, one of the two giants in Class 6, was also admitted to the same university as Bai Qiran because of his poor performance. Despite all temptations, neither of them would repeat the reading.

Could the tears be a disguise?

The night when the results came out, Li Hong cried beside Bai Qiran, and Bai Qiran usually joked with him, but who ever saw her cry like this? She looked like she was holding her in a panic, interjecting words of comfort occasionally.

"Don't cry, repeat the reading."

"Well, I see, I will find you next year."

"Well, I will wait for you"


Li Hong was still crying until after one o'clock in the morning, when Bai Qiran sent Li Hong back and said goodbye. Bai Qiran's heart has always been heavy. He thought that he could go to the same university as Li Hong because he missed the exam. He sighed and dragged his exhausted body back. In fact, Ma Xiaoru also shed tears all night, but she didn't want others to see it.

Bai Qiran wakes up hazily, without the glare of the sun, the weather doesn't look hot, it's afternoon. Li Hong called: "Let's break up."


"Because we graduated, dudu..."

一With a dazed face, he stayed there, stood at the window, and said, "It's quite cool today."

Grandpa's smile

Bai Qiran came to grandpa's house again, and when he entered the room, a group of eye-catching eyes greeted him. The words: The birth of a new life must go through thousands of tempers, and it must go through fire and nirvana.

"Xiaoran, what's the matter, are you unhappy?"

Bai Qiran showed a simple and honest smile: "Grandpa, you are the best for me, every time you see you, you always follow your ass Are you smiling? Right, grandpa."

"Xiao Ran will make grandpa happy, Xiao Ran, do you think about it, will you go to that university?"

Bai Qiran go Go to the door and look up at the sky: "Well, let's go."

"Well, just think about it."

"Xiaoran, look how beautiful grandma smiles."

Bai Qiran looked at his grandpa’s smile, something fell from his heart, he still smiled: “Well, it’s so beautiful,” then turned to look at grandma’s photo: “It’s always been so beautiful.”

Heaven or Hell

Bai Qiran came to the university in a hurry, everything was a novelty, but he also came and went in a hurry. Soon he was reduced to a standard machine, stuck in it, without purpose, without passion. Fortunately, Bai Qiran still knows how good his grandfather is, and his grandfather has long been half of his illness. Bai Qiran then found out that when he was studying the hardest, his grandfather fell ill, but no one told Bai Qiran at that time that his grandfather's position in Bai Qiran's heart was too important, and everyone knew what he would do if he told Bai Qiran .

Fancy university, Bai Qiran is decadent. On an unknown Sunday, Bai Qiran saw a familiar figure, and Ma Xiaoru also saw the lonely Bai Qiran, and they smiled at each other. Bai Qiran joked: "Let's look at the charges." "You have changed, this is your hell." Turning around, Ma Xiaoru left. Bai Qiran didn't see the tears flashing in Ma Xiaoru's eyes, Bai Qiran was stunned and saw that she disappeared.

Bai Qiran received a letter that night: "You in the third year of high school, are you?" Although, Bai Qiran didn't know how Ma Xiaoru delivered it to him. Looking back, the bed was neatly made and the books were well placed. Bai Qiran smiled and wrote a reply letter: "I can turn hell into heaven."< br>
Bai Qiran's grades finally stopped crossing the red line, but Ma Xiaoru was still so good. Bai Qiran always said that Ma Xiaoru was smart, and Bai Qiran also knew that he was not careful.

That piece of blue sky is our future

Although everyone in the third year of high school is together all day, the main task is not to cultivate feelings. At this time, Bai Qiran and Ma Xiaoru are no longer shy and concealed. Walking on the street blatantly, planning their future.

Growing up, others say that Bai Qiran has changed, he is no longer mischievous, he has really grown up and learned to concentrate and put his heart into it.

Every time Ma Xiaoru and Bai Qiran go home, Bai Qiran always shows the badge left by his grandfather to the sun and says: "That piece of blue sky is our future, the future of our small family, or our future. The future of my hometown."

Fate is a joke, it always falls when it is brilliant...

Ma Xiaoru's red eyes looked at Bai Qiran, and Bai Qiran gently Scratching the tip of Ma Xiaoru's nose: "Aren't you by my side..."

Love story: It’s okay to have you

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