Love story: wake up in the middle of the night, wishing the long hair fluttering on the bed

Tanabata is like a heart-wrenching string.

In an inadvertent moment, who caressed me? Is it Zhinu?

Run tugging at my long-healed scars.

At this moment, the sting of lightning made me fall into,

About the cloud of happiness brought to me by memories....

After Qixi Festival, a person came to the bank of Linjiang where lovers were whispering, feeling sorry for the pink roses scattered all over the ground,

I never thought that I would finish this festival by watching others.

I just don’t know, idiots, on the night of Qixi Festival, under the grape arbor, did you hear the conversation between the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl?

Is your other half, Cowherd (Weaver Girl) showering with you the lingering love of God and man at this moment?

For a long time, we who are single have been looking forward to the arrival of this festival so much.

Is it because we have an incomparable yearning for fabulous love?

Or do we still have the same attachment to love?

It is also because we still firmly believe in the belief that "if the two feelings last for a long time, how can they be in the morning and evening" about love.

Perhaps the halo of Qixi Festival can let us clearly identify which star belongs to you on the other side of the galaxy.

In a few days, it will be Ghost Festival.

Every time at this time, I think of that scene. That trace of fright, and the warm current that slowly flowed afterward.

It makes me happy, once upon a time, I also had those unforgettable beauty.

It was a night a few years ago, after Qixi Festival! My girlfriend and I bought some vegetables and came to rent a house. Get ready to cook a nice dinner

reward for a tiring day. My girlfriend is younger than me and can cook well. It's rare for her age. Soon, the meal

was ready and on the table. Just as we were preparing to have dinner together, the sky outside the window suddenly became cloudy, "It's going to rain! Close the window!"
< br>The girlfriend said hurriedly. The sun sets late in summer, but at this moment, it looks almost like late at night. As the ghost festival is approaching again, I deliberately pulled the topic

in this direction.

"Do you know? Why does it get dark so fast?" I asked tentatively.

"Summer! The storm is normal, you are stupid!" My girlfriend was dissatisfied with the weather changing so fast.

"Are you stupid? The ghost festival is here, the door of hell is closed, and the people below want to come up to find their relatives?" I said seriously.

"Look at this day, it changes as soon as it is said, have you seen it? Someone is burning paper money on the way back?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Scare me!You X people! Don't scare me! "My girlfriend curled her lips.

"You would rather believe it than have it! "I continued to work hard.

"Eat, you still want to scare me?" "My girlfriend showed that disdainful look.

But she was busy adding vegetables to my bowl, "Turn on the light in the bathroom, okay?" The lights in the room are a bit dark" said my girlfriend in a begging tone.

Finally the desired effect was achieved, I hugged my girlfriend's thin shoulders, "Don't be afraid, I have your husband! "

"You are so proud! "My girlfriend seemed to see through my mind.

That night, we talked a lot, more about the future, problems that people tried to avoid but had to face,

so that We had a slight argument afterwards.

"Don't think about anything tonight! "My girlfriend issued an order in protest.

"No way, you are too inhumane, the descendant of extinction!" "I'm not to be outdone.

"You wooden head! Go and see if there is something extra in the trash can in the bathroom..." The girlfriend explained.

"Oh, I was wrong, I was wrong! "Looking at his girlfriend's sudden change of temperament, I had no choice but to hug the pillow and move to the other side of the bed,

to show that I had no other intentions. I didn't forget to gnaw on my girlfriend's face when I was done. .

Afterwards, I talked about something, but I can’t remember clearly. Anyway, I fell asleep and fell asleep not long after...

Maybe I was thinking about it, Have a dream at night! I only know that I encountered some strange things in my dream, and ran desperately, desperately to escape,

The subconscious mind of my brain told me that it was not real, it was a dream, and I wanted to go out and escape from this dream.

Finally, the closed eyelids were cut open by external force, the eyes opened, and the brain was numb.

Suddenly, I felt a movement at the end of the bed, and with the faint moonlight, I turned my head and looked, "Ah ? "

The phantom with fluttering long hair at the end of the bed was looking at me coldly. When I woke up, I hadn’t regained my consciousness, and I had long forgotten that my girlfriend was sleeping on the other side of the bed.)

It should only be a few tenths of a second, and I reacted quickly, "Oh", it turned out to be My girlfriend.

"What are you doing! "I was still in a daze, "I still haven't slept, what are you doing sitting there?" Then he said in doubt.

"I still ask you?" Such a big man, kicking the quilt while sleeping" said his girlfriend dissatisfied.

"I..." I wanted to say something, but I couldn't answer.

"Here You spread the quilt! "Girlfriend added. "Looking at you sleeping so soundly, I'm afraid you'll catch a cold and wake you up." wake you up! "

"No, no" I slowly leaned my head on my girlfriend's lap, just nowThe trace of panic has long since disappeared.

"Thank you, wife." I feel like a child in my mother's arms when I say this.

"Sleep, don't be so nasty..." The girlfriend pouted her mouth, the corners of which were bent into a small half moon.

Afterwards, I seriously repeated the scene of that night: I woke up from a nightmare, lost my mind, and forgot that my girlfriend and I slept together.

Just at that moment, I When I got rid of the nightmare and turned my head, my girlfriend with fluttering hair was pulling the quilt for me, and I hadn't lay down yet.

Let my mind fly for a while. During the day, my ghosts and gods said that I intended to tease my girlfriend, but I didn’t expect to be scared by the illusion in my dream. However, the wind blows the flowers and falls with the flowing water.

Later, more later, I searched for memory, and I fixed my memory on the few tenths of a second when I was frightened.

Because of the fright of a few tenths of a second, my memory is overflowing with the fragrance of flowers and intoxicated with happiness.

I know, I have had it happily too.

I don't know when a puff of smoke came from the house. Looking through the window, piles of paper money are burning on the street, and the ghost festival is coming.

Actually, whether it is gods or ghosts, the reason why we have such a nostalgia for the human world is not because of the true feelings that are revealed everywhere in the world?

A few years later, every time I think of the few tenths of a second when I was frightened, the shadow in my heart will gradually become clearer.

On the days when you travel thousands of miles alone, you will wait and see wherever your eyes touch, fearing that you will miss any happy moment.

I always look forward to the night alone, I don’t know when? When I wake up in the middle of the night, the head of the bed will reproduce the long hair fluttering...

Love story: wake up in the middle of the night, wishing the long hair fluttering on the bed

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