Puzzle Story: Zebra's Stripes

In the early morning, the little zebra was awakened by a gentle wind (xǐnɡ). If it was before, he would definitely be looking at the beautiful scenery in the morning with great interest (xìnɡ zhì bó bó), but today he has no interest at all. Because just yesterday, the friends said that the black and white stripes on his body were too ugly, and they didn't even want to play with him.

The black and white stripes on the little zebra's body were born with it, and he can't change it—if only he could change it.

"I want to wipe (cā) off these annoying black and white stripes." The little zebra wiped desperately on the arrow (shǐ) chrysanthemum, hoping to wipe off the black and white stripes.

Puzzle Story: Zebra's Stripes

"You hurt me!" Cornflower yelled in pain.

"I'm sorry!" The little zebra felt sorry (bào qiàn), and stopped quickly. He saw a clump of dogtail grass not far away, so he ran to the dogtail grass, trying to use the dogtail grass to wipe off the stripes on his body.

Seeing the little zebra coming, Dogtail Grass hurriedly said: "Please don't rub it here and there."

The little zebra came to a big rock again and rubbed it vigorously , hoping to erase the black and white stripes. Unexpectedly, the big stone didn't like the little zebra rubbing against him: "Go away, little zebra!"

The dejected little zebra came to the small river, hoping to wash off the black and white stripes on his body with the river water. Lose. However, no matter how he washed it, the black and white stripes on his body could not be washed off.


The little zebra has tried many ways, but he can't get rid of the black and white stripes on his body. Thinking that his friends would dislike him because of this, the little zebra hid in the shrub (ɡuàn) bushes and cried sadly.

Although the friends don't like the little zebra, the little zebra still wants to play with everyone. Every day, he walks carefully (yì) behind everyone.

Suddenly one day, a lion (shī) aimed (miáo) at the little zebra and his friends.

The little friends ran away in fright (sā tuǐ). In the panic (huānɡ luàn), everyone forgot to remind the little zebra. When the little zebra found the danger, the lion was already very close to him.

The little zebra ran away in fright. Strangely, the lion stopped attacking, and he covered his eyes and his body shook...

It turned out that the black and white stripes on the little zebra's body, like a camouflage uniform, can distract and blur his figure The outline (kuò) allows the little zebra to blend in with the surrounding environment. When encountering a lion attack, the stripes on the small zebra can disturb (rǎo) The effect of messing with the lion's sight, making the lion dizzy.

The lion left with nothing.

"No matter what everyone says, as long as it suits you!" The little zebra out of danger runs on the vast prairie. At this moment, his mood suddenly became cheerful.

-------Knowledge card------

The zebra is named for the protective stripes on its body. Scientists have found that these stripes on zebras can not only protect against enemies, but also prevent tsetse flies from biting - when tsetse flies approach, they will be dazzled by the stripes on zebras and leave. It is worth mentioning that the stripes on each zebra are different.

|Happy Zebra|

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