Reader: Comparison of Fast and Slow

There is a joke in "Hundred Metaphors": A man was envious of others who built a building, so he was eager for success and asked craftsmen to start building from the third floor of the building instead of the foundation . Although there are no such dreamers in reality, there are many people who are eager for quick success regardless of conditions.

Recognize the negative impact of shortcuts, and don't be confused by the superficial shortcuts of social life. With the rapid development of science and technology, developed communication methods and fast transportation have indeed changed the traditional view of time and space. It seems that fast is money and everything. If you blindly pursue speed and efficiency, it means that some traditional things, lifestyles and life crafts will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Just like fast food and takeaway, traditional cooking will slowly disappear in many families. If you need old noodle steamed buns that have gone through several processes, it is hard to find nowadays. When today's "low-headed people" reach middle age, the custom of kneading bread and dumplings as a family may have to be found in film and television dramas. So "catch the ducks to the shelves" became a prophecy, and the breeding of chickens, ducks and pigs is quick ripening to meet the growing consumption needs of life to the greatest extent.

In addition, it seems fast and efficient, but day after day, year after year, this tense, busy, monotonous, boring life like a machine makes people's minds tired, numb, depressed, and impetuous , Gradually lose spirituality and creativity. Chaplin has a wonderful satire on this in the film "Modern Times". Whether it's a so-called white-collar or blue-collar job, the day-to-day job feels exhausting. The mental state and work efficiency of individuals in social groups are deteriorating, so various modern diseases and sub-health emerge in endlessly.

Pay attention to the transformation of fast and slow in life. While pursuing fast and fast, we must weigh the pros and cons. If the big rivers and rivers simply consider the speed of crossing the river, a bridge is built at intervals of several hundred meters. On the surface, there will be no traffic jams on the bridge, but this will easily lead to traffic congestion in the urban area, and haste makes waste.

The great German philosopher Jaspers keenly analyzed the disadvantages of eagerness for success in modern society. People seem to "do not want to discover their abilities except to pursue some practical and practical goals; he has no patience to wait" In the ripeness of things, everything must satisfy him at once, and even the spiritual life must serve his fleeting pleasures". Because "I have no patience to wait for things to mature", I am eager for success. In fact, many aspects of life need to be practiced. Just like Tang Sanzang's study of Buddhist scriptures, he went through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, and if one is missing, he will not be complete. This is the best practice in itself. If Wukong carried his master on his back and reached the Western Paradise with a somersault, then anyone can get the scriptures.

Big and beautiful things must be completed step by step, slow work produces meticulous work, and high-quality goods are produced. It took Goethe more than 60 years to write "Faust", and it took more than 20 years for Ban Gu to write "Han Shu". Nowadays, driven by the concept of quick success and instant benefit, many people often lack patience and determination when encountering problems. "The bench will sit on the bench for ten years" has becomefor the legend. Therefore, cultivating xinxing is more important than limited knowledge. Don't pay attention to the process, only pay attention to the result, opportunistic, often no good results. It’s like climbing Mount Everest. If you don’t set up a camp and climb up step by step and section by section, but use a helicopter to drop people directly to the top of the peak, even if you reach the top, you may suffer from severe cold and sudden lack of heart and lungs. Sudden death due to oxygen.

It is also a gradual process for young people to learn knowledge and grow. Some parents and teachers, out of good intentions, try to encourage the growth of the seedlings and exempt the children from the training and tests that they must go through in the process of growing up, but the result is just the opposite. As everyone knows, the process of the butterfly struggling to transform from the chrysalis is natural and indispensable. Kindly help the butterfly to cut open the pupa, but the wings cannot be opened, and it will die instead. Without tempering and lack of experience, people will be devastated when they grow up and suffer a little setback. Such a "giant baby" is actually a tragedy for the family and society.

There is a philosophical saying: "Don't go too fast, wait for your soul." This warns people not to hurry and lose their direction and soul. Patience and perseverance grow slowly, and wisdom grows slowly. It is hoped that people can handle the fast and slow rhythms well, and play a melodious movement of life.

Reader: Comparison of Fast and Slow

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