Selected 400-word composition describing winter

Selected 400-word Composition about Winter

Introduction: Miss Qiu has gone far, and Grandpa Dong followed, dragging a white cloak, Wherever he walked, he left a vast expanse of whiteness. Winter is coming. Today, the editor of Inspirational recommends some 400-word compositions about winter. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Article 1

Winter is cold, but I really like this quiet and white season, especially the winter in Yiyang.

In the morning, I opened the window and looked at it: the snowflakes were slowly drifting down, like reed feathers, catkins, and soft white goose feathers, more like dandelion seeds, flying in the sky. It was also like a group of mischievous white elves, flying and spinning, and finally fell to the ground slowly, turning into countless diamond-like drops of water.

Under the decoration of snowflakes, the earth becomes a world of ice and snow, covered with silver, powder makeup and jade. The roof was covered with a layer of snow, like white clouds falling from the sky. The icicles under the eaves are like transparent stalactites, which look very beautiful! Some branches are covered with layers of snow powder, and each tree is like a graceful girl against the white snowflakes. Even those few haystacks have turned into pieces of crystal clear "rock sugar"...

I like winter, but I like winter in Yiyang even more!

Part 2

Now I just happen to live in winter, so I really have a lot to say about this winter!

I don’t know why this winter is extremely cold this year. Compared with the end of last year, the temperature has dropped a lot. I feel that I have caught more colds. There are more and more, but I found that the temperature has risen. I just changed my clothes and found that the temperature has dropped. I am a little lazy and have some fluke mentality. I estimate that it may rise in a few days. But just like that, I caught a cold!

The most unbearable time for me is all the time except noon, because at other times I need to endure the cold all the time, but at noon I don’t need it, because the sun is shining brightly at this moment , I will not feel cold!

Every time you go out at night is no less than a war. Take the car as much as possible, this is my biggest feeling when the night comes!

It seems that these daysI need to work hard, it is really uncomfortable because of the cold!

Part 3

Selected 400-word composition describing winter

In winter, there is no enthusiasm for summer, there is no autumn, autumn is refreshing, there is no spring, spring is full

The winter in the north is icy and snowy, and the wind is biting.

Those trees took away all the leaves in autumn; Gan still stands on this desolate wilderness, pointing at the sky like knives, guns and halberds... I love the white snow in winter, I like the ice and snow in winter After a while, it turned into a drop of water.

A group of children were playing with snowmen on the snow. After a while, Mother Snow came with her children. Chers like different colors, some like black, so they fall on the roof; some like brown, so they fall on the big tree; I like color, so I settled down on me. Soon, soon, what caught my eyes was a world of pink and jade, so beautiful!

Winter is a dignified middle-aged man, resolute, resolute, and calm. He always carries a heavy luggage and walks in a hurry. Although he no longer has the curiosity and impulsiveness of his youth, he is still full of passion for struggle. He is soberly aware that he is taking on the mission of connecting the past and the future, and he has a lot of things to do, and he dare not slack off for a moment. In the north, he is very proud, not only mustering the cold wind of hunting, but also swaying colorful snowflakes.

Winter is very simple and easy-going. It doesn't care what role it is given, it can be you or me. It doesn't have too many extravagant demands, it just wants to perform the most vivid and unique plot in its short appearance season. Then, as the plot ended and the curtain fell, he turned around gracefully and left.

I love winter.

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