Sentences of Douyin routine girls

Sentences for Douyin Routine Girls

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1. "I feel that life is short after I met you" "Why?" Little star?" "Because you are always twinkling in my heart bling~bling~ah~"

3. "How about I carry you?" "Why do you carry me?" "Because You are my forever."

4. "Do you know why I grow so tall?" "Why?" "Because when you post it, you will hear my heartbeat"< /p>

5. "Can you shut up?" "I didn't speak" "Then why is your voice all over my head?"

6. The mirror, and then I thought of looking for you" "Why" "It's been so many days, you know, every time I see something good, I want to give it to you"

7. "I have a wish recently" "What wish" "It's you with your eyes open, and you with your eyes closed"

8. "Everyone else wants world peace" "I'm different" "I want the world and you"

p>9. "I'm really busy recently" "What are you busy with?" Arrow"

11. "I think our friendship can only go so far" "Why" "Then we can only talk about love"

12. "Guess I like reason Is the girl or the emotional girl?" "Rational?" "Wrong, I like you"

13. "Do you know where you are?" "Which is good" "It's just right to be my girlfriend "

14. "I found that I am a selfish person" No way" "Yes, I will only love you and not give others a chance"

15. " I got a fever the first time I saw you" "Why? ""Because the body temperature of love at first sight is 38°6"

16. "Do you like me?" " "Don't like it" "Why?" ""Because I love you"

17. "Do you want to go to heaven? "" How to get on? ""Come to my house tonight, I'll help you"

18. "Which doll do you like to hug?" ""I like Peppa Pig" "IIt's a pink pig"

19. "I think you look like a pig" "How do you look like it? ""My apple"

20. "I had an accident recently" "What accident" "I fell in love with you by accident"

21. "I think I should buy it for you A compass" "Why? ""Because I'm afraid you'll be spoiled by me"

22. "You're too bad" "I've been poisoned by you" "Please correct me"

23. "Does your phone have navigation? help me find a place. ""Where are you going? "" In your heart. "

24. "Do you know what time it is?" ""Six o'clock." " "No, it is the starting point of our happiness." ”

25. “Do you smell burning?” ""No" "You should say you smelled it" "Why?" ""Because that's the smell of my burning heart that loves you"

26. "The doctor said I have a small hole in my heart" "Can you go into my heart and fill the hole?" "

27. "Do you know why my eyes are so beautiful?" ""I don't know""Because my eyes are all about you"

28. "Do you know why there is no wife in the wife cake?" ""Why? ""Because your wife is here"

29. "The moss in the town tells the old days" "But do you know" "When I fell in love with you, the green bricks in the town were just laid"


30. "I want to tell you something, I'm going to move" "Where are you going? "" Move to... In your heart"

31. "Since I met you, I often have toothaches. ""Why? ""Maybe it's because you're too sweet." "

32. "After I met you, I felt that life is too short." "Why" "Because the sweet part is long. "

33. "My blood sugar is low" "Huh?" Then what should I do?" "Just say a few sweet words to me and I'll be fine~"

34. "Why do you want to touch my things? "What did I do to you?" " "You moved my heart." "

35. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No" "Congratulations, now you have one." "

36. "My childhood dream was to be a scientist" "What about now?" ""Now I just want to start a family with you"

37. "Do you know what kind of noodles I want to eat most?" ""What noodles""I want to eat into your heart"

38. "What do you think is the cleanest and clearest thing in the world" "Water? "No, it's my eyes" "Why?" ""Because I only have eyes for you"

39. "Do you know the difference between me and Tang Seng?" ""I don't know""Tang Monk learns the scriptures, I will marry you"

40. "I want to buy a piece of land. "" Where? " "Your heart is dead set." "

41. "Good things like to share with others" "But better things just want to keep them private" "Like you"

42."I want to say something beautiful to coax you." "Then you say it." "After thinking about it, you are the most beautiful."

43. "When night falls, I will transform again." "Ah ? Become what" "Become a hypocritical monster named Miss You"

44. "I think of a song when I see you" "What song?" "Like you"

45. "Do you like cats or dogs" "Dog" "Wow woof" "Do you like cats or dogs" "Cat" "Meow meow"

46. "What do you belong to?" "Tiger." "No, you belong to me."

47. "Have you gained weight recently?" "No, why do you say that?" "Then why is the weight in my heart getting heavier and heavier? "

48. "Are you tired?" "Not tired." "But you have been running around in my heart all day."

49. "I want to steal you body temperature", "speak human words", "hug"

50. "When I think of you", "the corners of the mouth rise", "the heart beats", "this must be the feeling of liking", "you What do you think?"

51. "Guess what I want to drink?" "I don't know." "I want to take care of you."

52. "How long have you been single? ""From birth to now""I'm sorry to make you wait so long"

Sentences of Douyin routine girls

53. "Your return date has not yet expired" "Ba..." "I wish I could stick to you every day"

54. "You are too much!" "Where is it too much!"

56. "There are 100 ways to be sweet" "What are they?" "Eat candy, cake, and miss you 98 times a day"

57. "After meeting you" "I'm not afraid of wind and rain" "But I'm afraid of separation"

58. "Where are you from?" "Jiangxi people" "Aren't you my sweetheart?"

59. " Do you smoke?" "No" "Then why are you smoking beautifully"

60. "Tell you 7 anti-aging methods" "What method" "Love me love me love me love me Love me love me love me”

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