Sentimental sentences about being cheated by friends

Sentimental sentences about being deceived by friends

Introduction: A person who is used to deceiving others will also start to deceive himself, and in the end he will definitely deceive himself Lied badly. When deception has become a kind of inertia and instinct, it is impossible to distinguish others from yourself. The following are the sad stories of being deceived by friends selected by the editor of Inspirational Stories.

1. The most annoying thing to ask other people is that they say they don't know.

Sentimental sentences about being cheated by friends

2. No matter how persistent the future is, there will still be the past; no matter how beautiful the melody is, there will also be love.

3. Misunderstood, very wronged; deceived, angry, disappointed; abandoned is painful. Here are three of the most powerful negative experiences I think you can possibly have in your life. Whether you have experienced it or not, I hope you still leave with a warm and strong heart.

4. I hate this society, but I have no ability to destroy it.

5. Hey, I am still keeping our vows alone

6. Congratulations on the holding of the "XX Group 3rd Young Workers Skills Competition"!


7. Wouldn't it be easier to live if you didn't know it was a lie? The truth has no special meaning to me. Instead of being deceived and suffering because of knowing the truth soberly, it is better to be deceived in a daze.

8. Your rival and the person who betrayed you fell into the river at the same time, and they can't swim, would you choose to go to disco or to KTV

9. I'm not afraid of cheating , I am not afraid of being deceived by others, but I am afraid of my distressed voice, the feeling of the whole collapse.

10. To change for others is to deceive yourself.

11. Laughter is the best way to cure diseases and a healthy friend; exercise is the source of health and the secret of longevity. Stay healthy and stay young forever. Happy Chinese New Year in the Year of the Horse, happiness and peace!

12. It's okay. love you for so long. It's all my own will. So it's okay.

13. Many times, I would rather be misunderstood than explain. Believe it or not, it's in your mind. People who understand me, why bother to explain.

14. Strive to discover the dilutable essence from human character.

15. Deceive yourself, love you with the first half of your life, and forget you with the second half of your life. Forget, what a good word. Desperate Oh. There is nothing greater than heart death, and the heart will turn into a pool of stagnant water, and there will be no more waves. Therefore, all difficulties are eliminated. You can look at all gains and losses calmly.

16. Xili is your home in the deserted and deserted home, giving you warmth and affection.

17. Fortunately, I like you, but unfortunately, I can only like you secretly

18. But after being cheated, it is difficult to talk about trust. It's nothing to change or not to change, but no matter what he says or does in the future, his first feeling is doubt.

19. What is mine is mine after all, I am your passer-by after all, you never love me, it is destined that nothing will happen between me and you, destined, destined is just destined. No matter how I cross, no matter how I try to get closer to you, you will still leave me.

20. A person who is used to deceiving others will also start deceiving himself, and he will definitely deceive himself badly in the end. When deception has become a kind of inertia and instinct, it is impossible to distinguish others from yourself.

21. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment.

22. At the moment when you decide your life, you must not deceive yourself.

23. When a relationship has just ended, there is often resentment towards each other, whether it is the party who proposed to break up or the party who was broken up. At that time, all you see in your eyes are the faults, shortcomings, and flaws of the other party. But when the time passes and you think about it again, what makes you most sad, or what makes you feel most regretful, is often that you didn't seize the time when two people were together

24. After leaving, I think you don't forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.

25. Let go, don't look back, don't stay, don't stay. Let me be drunk, let me be sad, let me be ashamed, let me be decadent.

26. Play with life, don't take it too seriously, anyway, no one can leave this game alive in the end

27. Maybe, we are really young, but I am willing to wait for you . You are like a lyricist who has not yet filled in the complete lyrics. You need to endure longer practice, but I need to wait farther. Although the wind is ruthless, don't be afraid of it blowing your heart and my feelings away, because you are my life's waiting. I just want to tell you that no matter how many hardships you have in the road ahead, you have to go on strong

28. You are lying, you are lying to me, my IQ is refined by your deception again and again from.

29. When you give alms, do not blow the trumpet before you.

30. I am human. I'm fragile, I'm not strong. I can't help being disappointed back and forth. Can't bear the repeated betrayal.

31. Heaven, hell, I just pass by the world.

32. Even if you are deceived, you would rather be kept in the dark and never know the truth. It makes me feel so much better.

33. Heartbroken once, cheated once, whySo I still don't want to break this bridge, I still love it? When I changed back to before, I just broke up without saying anything. I really, really love you, but you always love to hurt me.

34. Time is the best witness of all, he will not lie, he will not deceive. At a certain point, she will prove that the past vows, the sweet words.

35. On the issue of love, there is often no one right or wrong, love is just a kind of fate. When the fate comes, they gather, and when the fate ends, they disperse.

36. When I thought I had happiness, your lies pushed me to the bottom.

37. You can feel whether a person loves you or not, whether you care about you or not. be honest with yourself, do not force it.

38. Because I still love him very much, I feel more and more, when I stop being in love, my smile becomes more, my kindness becomes easier, little things Happiness can be achieved through one action. Without anxiety, concern, and dissatisfaction, you will not look for a sense of security everywhere, you will not expect to be disappointed, you will not be deceived, you will not be betrayed, and a simple life cannot be simple.

39. No one can pay for what you have done. It is like a scar that will never be erased, but it will always hurt more and more. I have never regretted falling in love with you; it took all my energy to leave you.

40. You are the old person I can't find in the old days that I can't go back.

41. You like to lie to me, but unfortunately I don't like that you often lie.

42. I look at you smiling, silent, proud, and lost just like now, so I am happy with you and sad with you, but I have been standing in the present and you have stayed in the past forever.

43. Not all pain needs to be shouted out, not all regrets have to be filled.

44. How can you bear to deceive, make you suffer, be wronged, and suffer. I am poor and have nothing but faith that cannot be extinguished. When love rains, I know how to cherish love and have no power to hold hands when it rains.

45. Your position does not mean that it can be filled by someone else. You must understand that your position is called irreplaceable.

46. I don't want to run around and be cheated, but I want to escape from the people around me, so, the better the future, the better.

47. We agreed that we would not separate our hands.

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