Stories from Chinese history: How many relationships did Xue Tao have? Where is her final resting place?

The Tang Dynasty was the most prosperous period in ancient China. During this period, many talented scholars and beauties emerged. They wrote thousands of poems. There are not many who stand out under the light of others, and the beautiful poet Xue Tao is one of them.

Xue Tao, courtesy name Hongdu, was a female poet in the Tang Dynasty. They all have contacts, and they can be called the "first sister" in the poetry circle.

Xue Tao’s father, Xue Yun, was a knowledgeable official in the capital. Xue Tao received a good education since she was a child. poetry! Later, Xue Yun was demoted to Sichuan because he offended the dignitaries of the dynasty. Xue Tao followed his father from the prosperous city of Chang'an to Chengdu. A few years later, Xue Yun was infected with miasma and died because of his envoy to Nanzhao Kingdom. Xue Tao, who was only 14 years old, has been dependent on his mother ever since.

The life of the Xue family suddenly became embarrassing. Before two years had passed, Xue Tao had to join the music club to make a living and became a senior camp prostitute. She is beautiful, and has quite a high level of talent and learning. At that time, all the officials were admitted through the imperial examination, and everyone had some kind of talent. For Xue Tao, a beautiful and talented woman with a tortuous fate, he felt pity for her and was willing to associate with her, so Xue Tao integrated into their circle. , can be regarded as a formal member of the poetry circle.

Stories from Chinese history: How many relationships did Xue Tao have? Where is her final resting place?

But what really made her famous was her first lover, Wei Gao. At that time, Zhongshu ordered Wei Gao to serve as the envoy of Xichuan Festival in Jiannan. At a banquet, Wei Gao asked Xue Tao to compose an impromptu poem. "Under the balcony at night and night, the country of Chu perishes because of rain and clouds; in front of the melancholy temple

How many willows are there, and the thrush grows in the air in spring." After Wei Gao read it, he was amazed at Xue Tao's talent and learning! How can a little girl write this?

Xue Tao became famous with this poem, Wei Gao also paid attention to Xue Tao, it’s okay if he didn’t pay attention, because he just thought Xue Tao was more beautiful than other prostitutes That's all, after paying attention, I realized that she is good everywhere, and there is no trace of dust in her gestures, but elegant and romantic, which makes people fascinated. Since then, every time there is a big banquet, Xue Tao must be one of the people invited. Wei Gao and Xue Tao's contacts became more and more frequent. Wei Gao even asked Xue Tao to handle the files for him. Maybe he discovered the beauty of it after he had a beautiful secretary. Provincial Secretaryofficial title.

Bai Juyi, Wang Changling, Li Shangyin, Du Mu and others all started from this post. woman! In the end, Tang Dezong typed back the note, but the news that Wei Gao asked Xue Tao to be the school secretary spread, and people privately called Xue Tao "the school secretary for girls".

However, Xue Tao and Wei Gao did not get together in the end, because Xue Tao's character is relatively "crazy", and many people used her way to go to Wei Gao's back door, and she sent them to the door He did not refuse any bribes, but turned around and handed over the money. Wei Gao was very dissatisfied with Xue Tao's move, and Xue Tao had stepped on his bottom line, so Wei Gao sent Xue Tao to Songzhou, which was in chaos. It was on the way to Songzhou that Xue Tao regretted and became afraid, which also made her chill when she saw the reality, she was just a prostitute!

What Xue Tao never expected was that a 31-year-old young man, Yuan Zhen, warmed her heart again, and Xue Tao was already 42 years old at that time Yep, this sister-brother love affair is full of vigor and vitality. Yuan Zhen is an outstanding figure in the poetry world, he was ordered to go to a place where he had heard of Xue Tao's name, so he asked Xue Tao out to meet him, and the meeting was out of control. The next day, Xue Tao composed a song "Two Birds on the Pond", which was completely like a young girl Huaichun, obviously she fell in love with Yuan Zhen at first sight. And Yuan Zhen was also fascinated by Xue Tao. During those days, they lived a life of a fairy couple. Three months later, Yuan Zhen was transferred from Sichuan. Xue Tao and Yuan Zhen wrote letters to express their missing.

But talented people are also romantic and affectionate, not to mention that there is a virtuous and capable wife in his family, and Xue Tao's relationship ended without a problem. It may be that the two relationships made Xue Tao see through the world of mortals, and in the end she let go decisively, became a female Taoist priest, and never asked about the world of mortals. It is said that the great poet Bai Juyi also had a crush on Xue Tao, and wrote a song "With Xue Tao" to express his love to Xue Tao!

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