Stories of wit and humor: two comparisons

In late April 1960, Premier Zhou negotiated with India on the Sino-Indian border issue. The Indian side raised a provocative question: "Has Tibet been China's territory since ancient times?"

Premier Zhou said: "Tibet has been China's territory since ancient times. In the Yuan Dynasty, it was already China's territory."

The other party said: "The time is too short."

Stories of wit and humor: two comparisons

Premier Zhou said : "China's Yuan Dynasty has a history of about 700 years. If 700 years is considered a short time, then the United States has only a history of more than 100 years. Does it mean that the United States cannot become a country? This is obviously absurd Yes."

The representative of the Indian side was speechless. In Premier Zhou's rebuttal, two comparisons were used: comparing 700 years with 100 years, it is obviously untenable to deny 700 years and admit 100 years, but the result is that you must admit the fact of 700 years. Contrast has great power here.

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