Story Club: [New Legend] Secrets Never Tell

Liu Fudong, who was working in Shenzhen, returned to Zhangzigou, his hometown where he had not returned for five years, with a very heavy heart. Five years ago, when he went out to work, he met Lao Mao in the village. Lao Mao said that there was a flood in his hometown, and his daughter-in-law Osmanthus osmanthus, who had never been married, drowned! Liu Fudong called the village to confirm that the accountant said that Osmanthus had indeed drowned. Liu Fudong was distraught, and he had no relatives at home, so he gave up the idea of ??returning home. In the past few years, he had saved a lot of money, and seeing the earth-shaking changes in the countryside outside, his desire to go home became stronger and stronger. Liu Fudong thought to himself, when he went home, he would firstly help the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich, and secondly, he would add some soil to the grave of Osmanthus fragrans.

Getting out of the car, Liu Fudong met Li Ergou who grew up with him, and Li Ergou took Liu Fudong to have a drink or two. Li Ergou was surprised when he learned that Liu Fudong wanted to add soil to the grave of Osmanthus fragrans when he returned home, "Fudong, what are you doing? Osmanthus fragrans is alive and well!" Li Ergou told him that the sweet-scented osmanthus was washed away by the water after he left his part-time job, but she did not die, but was saved by the old man who mowed the grass downstream.

"How is Osmanthus fragrans doing now?" Hearing that Osmanthus fragrans is not dead, Liu Fudong smiled.

Li Ergou told Liu Fudong that Osmanthus found out she was pregnant shortly after being rescued by Lao Mian. Later, Lao Mao told her that Liu Fudong was with a migrant girl, and Osmanthus stopped thinking about him Thinking, married the old face, and soon gave birth to a fat boy who looked like a dragon and a tiger. After saying this, Li Ergou said: "Liu Fudong, you are very lucky, you haven't been home for several years, and Osmanthus fragrans gave birth to a fat son for you!"

Li Ergou's voice was just Liu Fudong slapped his thigh straight: "It's all because of Lao Mao and the accountant."

Liu Fudong said that not long after he arrived in Shenzhen, he once had dinner with a working girl in the company at an open-air snack bar on the street , I met Lao Mao. Lao Mao told Osmanthus that he had drowned, so he called the village committee, and the accountant told him that Osmanthus had drowned, so he gave up the idea of ??returning home. Li Ergou said that Lao Mao didn't know that the sweet-scented osmanthus was not dead. In addition, he saw him talking and laughing with a migrant girl eating together in Shenzhen. As a result, he and Osmanthus fragrans made a mistake, causing a huge misunderstanding.

Liu Fudong went to find Osmanthus fragrans, and as Li Ergou said, Osmanthus fragrans married Lao Mian. Osmanthus turned away when she saw him, and the old man glared at him. Liu Fudong saw that the son in Guihua's arms looked exactly the same as when he was a child, and wanted to go to recognize his son, but was pushed away by the old man.

Liu Fudong lost his temper and quarreled with the old man. The old man shook the shovel in his hand and asked him: "Where were you when the accident happened to Osmanthus fragrans? Now you want to recognize your son, can you ask the shovel in my hand if I agree?"

At this time, The buddies from the old noodle family rushed over and scolded Liu Fudong sharply. Liu Fudong told Osmanthus that he was not heartless,It was Lao Mao who misunderstood them. The old man said: "I admit that you and Osmanthus were in love before, and this child is yours too, but don't forget that I was with Osmanthus when she was in the most critical time. Now, we are legally recognized husband and wife , If you want to act recklessly, it's against the law." Liu Fudong stomped his feet and said to the old man that even if the government moved the government, he would take the sweet-scented osmanthus and the child back.

All of this is caused by the old fake! Liu Fudong went to Lao Mao and the accountant for theory, but the villagers said that Lao Mao went out to work and hadn't returned for several years, and the accountant passed away last year. Liu Fudong lost his parents when he was young, and he grew up eating all kinds of food in the village. Now, Osmanthus fragrans, who loves him, has become the wife of another man. The sadness in his heart can be imagined.

In the evening, Liu Fudong was lying on the cold kang and was sighing. The door opened and Osmanthus fragrans came in.

Liu Fudong told Osmanthus that it was Lao Maorang and Ji they misunderstood. After hearing Liu Fudong's story, Osmanthus burst into tears. In the village, the sweet-scented osmanthus is the most considerate of Liu Fudong. Back then, when he went to work in Shenzhen, he just wanted to earn some money to come back and marry Osmanthus, so that she could live a good life. Unexpectedly, now, she has become the old man's daughter-in-law. Osmanthus fragrans said that she broke up her marriage certificate with Lao Mian and was protected by law. Besides, Lao Mian had the grace of saving her and her son's life, so she hoped that he would not disturb their lives. Osmanthus left after saying these words. Liu Fudong vowed secretly that he would let Osmanthus come back to him.

In the past few years, Liu Fudong has worked in Shenzhen and learned many business methods. He found that there were a lot of local products in his hometown, but everyone didn't realize the value of these things, so Liu Fudong went to the city to contact some customers, then bought a car, and collected these local products from the villagers. When the villagers saw that these usually unremarkable mountain goods were exchanged for colorful banknotes, they looked at Liu Fudong with admiration.

Liu Fudong bought this and that for Osmanthus mother and son in a different way. For this matter, Lao Mian often quarreled with Osmanthus fragrans. Osmanthus said to the old man: "Old man, you saved our mother and son. I am grateful to you for the rest of my life, but Liu Fudong and I have come to this day because of a misunderstanding." She loves Liu Fudong, but feels that this is not good for the old man. In fact, Liu Fudong also felt sorry for the old man. Speaking of which, he and Lao Mian were partners who grew up naked together. When he was at home, he often drank with Lao Mian. At that time, the two often drank a bowl of Erguotou with a plate of pickles. A pair of good friends in the past, because of the sweet-scented osmanthus, now they have become rivals of life and death. But Liu Fudong thought about it carefully, and he didn't feel that the old man had done anything wrong. Although he knew that Osmanthus and him could no longer be together, he still hoped that Osmanthus would have an easier life.

On this day, Liu Fudong was collecting mountain goods when a tricycle passed by him. Liu Fudong could see clearly that Lao Mian was driving the car, and Osmanthus fragrans was sitting in the carriage. Looking at the anxious eyes of the two of them, Liu Fudong wondered if something happened to his son?

Liu Fudong's feeling is right. The son was playing in the kitchen and accidentally cut an artery in his foot with a kitchen knife. No, Lao Mian and Osmanthus are sending their son to the hospital!

The old man was driving, calling his unconscious son, and blaming himself in front of Osmanthus: "Osmanthus, it's all my fault, if it wasn't for my carelessness, how could such a big thing happen to the child "

After Liu Fudong delivered the mountain goods, he always felt that there was something wrong with the sweet-scented osmanthus, so he went to the village to call for work. The people in the village told him that something happened to the child and he went to the township hospital. Liu Fudong was in a state of anxiety, and drove straight to the hospital. Passing a corner, suddenly, a tricycle rushed towards me. Because it was a sharp turn, the driver seemed drunk, and the tricycle didn't seem to listen to his control. Liu Fudong watched the tricycle crash into a big tree beside the road. The tricycle knocked down a big tree and the driver fell on the steering wheel. Liu Fudong got out of the car and looked, stunned. No wonder this three-wheeled car is so familiar, it turned out that the old man was driving it!

The old man obviously went to the township hospital, why did he come back so soon? Liu Fudong didn't have time to think about it, and called the police while sending the old face to the hospital. The old man opened his eyes slightly, looked at Liu Fudong who was holding him, and grinned: "Dongzi, I really want to have a bowl of Erguotou with pickled vegetables with you. Back then, it was mine, Osmanthus fragrans had an accident and hurt his leg, I brought her to my uncle’s house not far away to raise her for more than half a month. At that time, the villagers thought she was dead. So, if you call the village committee to confirm, the accountant will say that the sweet-scented osmanthus is dead. When the sweet-scented osmanthus comes back, the accountant thinks Looking for you, but you don’t have a phone number or address. Soon, Lao Mao came back and wanted to go to Shenzhen to find you, saying that Osmanthus fragrans was not dead. Maocai went out to work and never came back. In fact, I also love sweet-scented osmanthus..."

The old man passed out before he finished speaking. Liu Fudong suddenly realized that what happened back then was actually instigated by Lao Mian to do it on purpose! Liu Fudong really wanted to throw Lao Mian out of the car, but he remembered what Lao Mian had just said to him. Recalling the scene of drinking Erguotou together with pickles, Liu Fudong's eyes became moist.

After first aid, the old face still did not wake up. When Lao Mian's body was pushed out, Osmanthus flung herself on him and burst into tears.

Looking at Osmanthus crying bitterly, Liu Fudong felt a little uncomfortable. Osmanthus cried and beat him and said, "Do you know that it was the old man who saved our son! It was you who killed the old man!"

It turned out that when I went to the township hospital, because the blood in the blood bank There was not enough blood, and the doctor said that if the child was sent to the city hospital, the child's life would be in danger, and the only way was to draw blood on the spot. Osmanthus and Lao Mian had a blood type test, and finally, Lao Mian's blood type matched the child's blood type. The old man's blood flowed into the child's veins, and the child recovered. Because the hospitalization fee was not paid in full, the old man drove home to withdraw the money, but something happened unexpectedly. The doctor said that it was the old man who had drawn too much blood and the blood supply to the brain was insufficient, which led to the car accident. Although Lao Mian used despicable means to marry Osmanthus fragrans, but at the critical moment, he didn't give up at all.Unambiguously.

On the day of burying Lao Mian, Liu Fudong poured a bowl full of Erguotou in front of Lao Mian's tomb, and he said silently in his heart: "Brother Lao Mian, have a good journey. Back then, you instigated Lao Mao , I will never say it as sweet-scented osmanthus, just press it in my heart! In my heart, you are an indomitable man!"

Story Club: [New Legend] Secrets Never Tell

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