Story meeting: [New Legend] Pitbull


Hong Tianming, the real estate owner, is a hardcore dog fan and well-known in the circle.

A famous local dog breeding base is a place that Hong Tianming often goes to. On this day, Hong Tianming brought his pet dog "Dongfanghong" to the famous dog base to enjoy dogs. There are too many dogs he likes, but it is impossible to buy them all home, so he has to visit here from time to time.

The convenience behind the Famous Dog Base is the hypermarket of the base, and there is no sign at the entrance of the store, because the barking of all kinds of dogs can be heard endlessly, which is the best indication.

Because he was a frequent visitor to the base, Hong Tianming only nodded to the base staff as a greeting, and then went straight to the hypermarket. The detailed divisions in the hypermarket are roughly divided into large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs, and then subdivided into working dogs, hunting dogs, and pet dogs. Hong Tianming was familiar with the road, and went directly to the large bulldog area.

There are many kinds of "dog fans". Dog fans like Hong Tianming only love big mastiffs. They are toys in the arms of women.

There are a lot of people who come to the mastiff area to watch dogs, because they are all of the same kind. Hong Tianming looked at those familiar faces and felt very kind. When he casually looked around, he found that one of them was leading a dog. The big dog was staring at him covetously.

That is a Russian Caucasian dog, one of the "Top Ten Bulldogs" selected on the Internet. The Caucasian dog is an ancient large-scale guard dog native to Chechnya and other former Soviet Central Asian minority areas. It is one of the largest bulldogs in the world. It has strong muscles, well-developed and well-proportioned bones, and is extremely aggressive.

Hong Tianming knew that "Caucasus" was not glaring at himself, but his pet dog "Dongfanghong", a Tibetan mastiff. As the saying goes, "one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers", how could two big guys show weakness easily when they meet together.

After a while, the two dogs walked towards each other. When they got closer, Hong Tianming greeted the owner of "Caucasus" very actively: "Hi, are you here to reward the dog?" He just snorted and ignored it, just stared at "Dongfanghong" with weird eyes.

Now Hong Tianming is not happy, thinking why this person is not polite. At this time, the owner of the Caucasus suddenly said: "You are Hong Tianming, right?" Hong Tianming was a little surprised, stared at the man for a long time, and after confirming that he didn't recognize him, he replied: "Do you know me? Where do we meet?" Ever?" The man nodded, and replied: "Not only have I met, but I have seen him often." Hong Tianming tried his best to recall this person, but he had no clue.

The man didn't hold back, and said straight to the point: "We often meet on the Internet, and my online name is 'Aobai'..." Now Hong Tianming understood everything. Speaking of this "Oboi", there is a story in it.

Three years ago, Hong Tianming joined a "Stealer Dog Club" on the Internet. Hong Tianming was an active member of the club. With his love for bulldogs, he published his experience of raising dogs free of charge, and he was very prestigious in the club. . This club is also divided into divisions, and lovers of every kind of bulldog can find their own forums on it. At first, everyone had their own fun, and the well water did not interfere with the river water, but later, a post "Who is the overlord of the bulldog" caused an uproar in the club. The principle of the minority obeying the majority selected the "Top Ten Bulldogs", namely: Chinese Tibetan Mastiff, Russian Caucasus, Italian Twisted Boleton, Brazilian Fele, French Bordeaux, Argentine Dogo, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, and Spanish Canary Dog , British Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa. Although the seats were released, the dust was still undecided. Unconvinced people raised questions in various forms one after another, and most of them directly pointed their finger at the overlord of bulldogs—Tibetan Mastiff.

As the moderator of the "Tibetan Mastiff Forum", Hong Tianming has to deal with a lot of such things on the forum. Although it is just for entertainment, it is enough to cause headaches. But Hong Tianming really liked bulldogs, especially Tibetan mastiffs. In a word, he was willing to be troubled.

"Oboi" is the backbone of the Caucasus forum. When the "Mugdog Club" was arguing about the ranking of bulldogs, he joined it as a member and put on a vest called "Oboi". In the forums, Hong Tianming often confronted him. To be honest, Hong Tianming was not sure of winning at all.

"Oboi" has sharp words and often takes the initiative in the debate process. He posted several posts on the forum, which are still fresh in Hong Tianming's memory. One of the most influential posts was "Tibetan mastiff elected as the overlord of bulldogs, not worthy of the name", and then stated his point of view: "The so-called overlord of bulldogs is just To take care of the feelings of Chinese people, the motivation is good, but the facts are facts after all. I have watched many dog ??fighting games. Tibetan mastiffs lose more and win less. They are not the legendary invincible dogs. Some netizens said that Tibetan mastiffs can defeat several wolves, Even daring to fight with lions, tigers and other ferocious beasts is completely based on hearsay and groundless rumors, and there is no video data at all. Even if Tibetan mastiffs can defeat wolves, they can only defeat Tibetan wolves weighing only about 20 kilograms at most. This is not surprising. It is even more nonsense to say that it fights with lions and tigers. A big tiger weighs more than 600 catties, and it is not at the same level as a Tibetan mastiff. How to fight..."

As soon as this post was published, Members of the "Bullet Dog Club" all remembered the name "Oboi", and other netizens who refused to accept the Tibetan Mastiff as the overlord of the bulldog followed his example and joined the debate one after another. This world is really small, Hong Tianming never thought that "Oboi" was in the same city as him, and it was very close to him now. As soon as Hong Tianming recovered from his memory, the "Oboi" in front of him provocatively said: "How about a fight? It's no fun to fight back and forth on the forum. Let's see is believing!"

Hong Tianming I don't want to see the scene of dog fighting, no matter whereHe would be heartbroken if a dog was injured, so he shook his head and refused. "Oboi" showed a smug smile, and said: "I will post the exact scene of our meeting today on the Bulldog Forum." There will definitely be posts like "Tibetan mastiffs are afraid of the Caucasus and will retreat without a fight" on the Internet. If that is the case, how can Hong Tianming gain a foothold in the "Bulldog Club"? Hong Tianming gritted his teeth, nodded and said, "Let's fight according to your wishes." When he said this, Hong Tianming was still a little hesitant. If the big guys who ranked first or second in the top ten bulldogs fight, it's still a big deal. , can be called thrilling. At this moment, the bloody scene of the two dogs biting each other flashed through Hong Tianming's mind, and he felt dizzy for a while.

One stone caused a thousand waves, and the surroundings were already full of bulldog lovers watching the battle. Many people took cameras and prepared to record this rare fight. Before the battle, Hong Tianming asked puzzledly: "How do you know that I am Hong Tianming?" "Oboi" smiled and said: "It's not all the information I collected when I communicated with you on the forum. I know you live in this city, and , the mastiff king with blue spots on the tongue you raise, not to mention in this city, even in the whole country, who else would it be?"

With "Oboi With a low shout, the "Caucasus" in his hand jumped fiercely towards "Dongfanghong", and the two fierce dogs were biting together in an instant. It seems that the owner of "Caucasus" usually puts a lot of effort into it, and the attack and bite of "Dongfanghong" is a bit like the moves of a martial arts master. "Dongfanghong" was also aroused to be wild, so angry that the hair on its back stood up, like a male lion, it opened its daunting mouth and bit "Caucasus" mercilessly. When the fight was exciting, the spectators around applauded one after another, and most of them cheered for the national dog Tibetan mastiff "Dongfanghong" with national feelings.

The two dogs are fighting and resting, and they are relaxed and relaxed, and it is impossible to tell the winner. What made Hong Tianming heartbroken was that his pet dog "Dongfanghong" was bitten in several places and almost turned into a blood mastiff. "Caucasus" was also not spared and was also injured in many places. While "Dongfanghong" was panting heavily, "Caucasus" saw the timing and swooped over with its front legs. "Dongfanghong" rushed to meet them. He was thrown to the ground by "Caucasus" and bit him hard. "Dongfanghong" wriggled in pain, exposing her belly with difficulty, and let out an "awow".

Dogs have a natural instinct. When two dogs fight, if one of them shows its belly and makes a sound of "呵呵", it means that it is willing to bow down. In most cases, the other dog will give up biting and stop bullying. Sure enough, after a while, Caucasus let go of his mouth, and returned to his master shaking his head...

The result was so disappointing, not only Hong Tianming, but also the audience around him sighed, who would have expected it The Tibetan mastiff known as the "Tengu" is so vulnerable! "Oboi"He mocked Hong Tianming triumphantly and said: "Facts speak louder than words, these top ten bulldogs should be re-ranked..." Hong Tianming did not answer, and left silently with "Dongfanghong".


Since the video of "Dongfanghong" losing to "Caucasus" was published on the "Magdog Club" website that day, Hong Tianming has not appeared on the forum for a long time . Could it be that Hong Tianming really disappeared and collapsed? In fact, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, he changed into a "vest" and re-registered his membership number with the screen name of "God Dog". He has been paying attention to the fierce debates on the forum all the time.

Among the many comments, Hong Tianming remembered a strange post. This post was posted by a netizen named "Old Dog Raising". It was an extremely unfair dogfight. "At first, Hong Tianming didn't care, but for many days, the "old man with a dog" posted the same post on the forum, and after posting, he stopped talking and ignored other people's rebuttals and sarcasms. It caught Hong Tianming's attention.

Therefore, Hong Tianming tried to send a text message to "the old man who raised the dog" and asked him why the battle between Dongfanghong and the Caucasus was unfair. Soon, "the old man who raised the dog" " replied, and to Hong Tianming's surprise, the "old dog breeder" asked directly: "Are you Hong Tianming?" Hong Tianming replied: "How do you know, who are you?" "The dog-raising old man" said: "From the style of your posts on the forum, I guessed that it was you. I knew you would show up in a vest, hehe... My name is Yang Chengtian." "Yang Chengtian is one of the founders of this "Brute Dog Club". He is well-known in the dog circle. It turns out that the "old dog breeder" is Yang Chengtian. Hong Tianming was very excited, as if he had met a bosom friend, he hurriedly replied a text message: "Da ming It's like thunder, it's a pleasure to meet you..."

After exchanging pleasantries, Yang Chengtian sent an invitation to Hong Tianming: "How about coming to my domestication base to give guidance when you have time? "The place where Yang Chengtian lives can be reached by car in five or six hours, and it is not troublesome. Hong Tianming was about to go out to relax, so he promised: "I must ask for advice..."

After a while, it was just In the off-season of real estate business, Hong Tianming made a brief statement in the company, and then drove to the city where Yang Chengtian was located.

The two contacted by mobile phone, and they met soon. Hong Tianming held Yang Chengtian's hand and stared at He looked at it for a long time. This person looked fifty years old at most. Why did he call himself an "old man with a dog"? Yang Chengtian seemed to have read his mind, and introduced himself intentionally or unintentionally: "I am Yang Chengtian, forty-six this year, and a dog We have known each other for thirty years..." Hong Tianming said "hehe" twice, concealing his embarrassment, and then cut to the point: "I came here today to make friends, and to learn from you. The post you posted on the forum said that the dog fight between "Dongfanghong" and "Caucasus" was unfair. I racked my brains for a long time, but I couldn't figure out why. Is there any mystery in it? "Yang Chengtian laughedLaughing, he didn't answer him, but invited: "Go, go and see my dog ??breeding base."

This Yang Chengtian is not only the founder of the "Bullet Dog Club", but also has his own entity , came to Yang Chengtian's dog breeding base - "Dog World", which really opened Hong Tianming's eyes. You can find representative dog breeds from all over the world here, which is worthy of the name "Dog World". Hong Tianming looked at all kinds of dogs greedily, his eyes were straight. What Hong Tianming admires the most is that Yang Chengtian knows the origin and characteristics of each dog like the palm of his hand, and there are countless treasures, some of which Hong Tianming knows, and some that Hong Tianming has never heard of.

After taking a quick look at it, it was time for dinner in a blink of an eye, and Yang Chengtian gave Hong Tianming a warm reception. At the wine table, Hong Tianming was unwilling to eat, and asked eagerly: "President Yang, don't be fooled, you haven't given me the answer to that question yet." Yang Chengtian said: "Actually, the answer is very simple. They shouldn't fight together. Most people are just curious about the result of these two fierce dogs fighting, but they ignore a very important detail. Your 'Dongfanghong' is only ten months old at most, and it is still in its infancy. Caucasus is more than three years old, and it is an adult dog; also, judging from the fighting routine of 'Caucasus', it is clearly a professionally trained fighting dog. How can 'Dongfanghong' fight and persist so much? It has been a long time since I have shown my strength..."

It was really a word to wake up the dreamer, Hong Tianming slapped his head suddenly and said: "Oh, such a simple truth, why didn't I think of it!" Yang Chengtian said These words made Hong Tianming admire him even more. It seems that Yang Chengtian is not

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