Summary of student practice in the new crown epidemic

Summary of Student Practice in the New Crown Epidemic

Introduction: As a student, I have a lot of feelings in my heart. Below, the editor of Inspirational has compiled a summary of the practice of students in the new crown epidemic for everyone. Let's take a look.

Article 1:

Summary of student practice in the new crown epidemic

Today, I watched the same ideological and political class on epidemic prevention among college students across the country, which benefited me a lot and left a deep impression on me. Novel coronavirus is deeply proud of our country's role in the epidemic, and has a better understanding and understanding of the new coronavirus, and has learned and mastered preventive measures. It's time to stand up. Our wills are united like a fortress. The new type of coronavirus pneumonia in which all peoples are united as one must not go to the main battlefield. In war, we can hold on to our faith, not our youth.

First of all, the new coronavirus is a large virus family. Because the protrusions on the surface are like the crown on the king's head, it is called a coronavirus. It is the seventh coronavirus known to infect humans. Infected people generally have symptoms such as cough, fever, headache, and chest tightness. Second, although the novel coronavirus pneumonia is threatening, it has cast a shadow over our lives. Yes, as students, we should take this epidemic as an opportunity to learn from our ancestors' spirit of taking risks and doing our best. We should make good use of this opportunity, think about our own life planning, and establish a correct outlook on life and values. Building a strong motherland is the mission of each of us. We should also learn how to take protective measures: first, try not to go out, and remember to wear a mask if you go to a public place; second, wash your hands; third, don't overwork, which will reduce immunity. The rapid and powerful spread of the epidemic around the world has made the world pay attention to China's successful experience in epidemic prevention and control. It believes that China has adopted "brave, flexible and active" measures to effectively contain the epidemic and make important contributions to world public health. The speed, determination and strength of China's war "epidemic" is a model for the world, and we should learn from China's response.

my country's infrastructure and systems are very complete, quickly organized manpower to implement large-scale projects, established "fever clinics", quickly isolated infected people, encouraged online medical treatment, closed schools, and distributed medicines and food to family members, widows, etc. Technology has become the vanguard In terms of epidemic prevention, technologies such as rescue robots, drones, and artificial intelligence are all used in epidemic prevention. In the fight against the novel coronavirus, China has deployed sanitizing robots, smart helmets, drones equipped with thermal cameras and advanced facial recognition software. Some food delivery platforms use robots to deliver food from restaurants to delivery agents and customershands. Schools in China are closed, and millions of students attend classes every day via real-time software. Many industries have thrived amid the pandemic, including online classes for fitness, cooking and music. During the epidemic, responsibility is like a mountain. In this struggle of unity and common hatred, the unity and sense of responsibility of the Chinese people have left a deep impression on the world.

After an ideological and political class, I learned a lot. We have understood the fact that young nations are strong and independent, and what it means to be patriotic. This is not only a lesson, but also a guide for our life. Pay attention to the epidemic and enhance awareness of epidemic prevention by watching the national ideological and political courses on epidemic prevention for college students. Although we cannot "approach the battlefield", we will always be the logistics force of the country, Wuhan and other places. Go to China! Come on, Wuhan! Come on, Dean Zhong! I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible, I can go back to school as soon as possible, and I can go back to school as soon as possible.

Part 2:

The various resources of online education have crossed the limitation of space distance, making school education an open education. It carries a large amount of information, rich learning resources, and strong sharing and interaction. Anyone, any time, any place, starting from any chapter, learning any course, five any embodies the characteristics of active learning, which saves us time and enables us to freely go home to study and communicate through the learning platform. You can also study the courses you have learned in your spare time, which enriches yourself and broadens your knowledge. This teaching mode does not affect the work and is more suitable for those of us who are affected by special reasons.

I am lazy and have poor self-control. I often like to wander off, but the importance of learning has allowed me to overcome myself and realize my dream for many years. Good study habits, meet greater challenges in life, face the future, be fearless, complete your studies, pay attention to integrating theory with practice, apply the acquired knowledge to work, and turn knowledge into ability!

Life is smooth because of friends, calm because of career, proud of achievement, warm because of family, hardworking because of hope, and happy because of gain.

Part 3:

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year in 2020, when the Chinese people celebrated their biggest traditional festival, the Spring Festival, a sudden infectious disease-"new coronavirus infection The "pneumonia" epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China. When the information on the epidemic was released, the Chinese people began to fight the epidemic prevention and control battle...

First, the President of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Secretary, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping, made important instructions emphasizing that Party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres are required to unite and lead the broad masses of the people to resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, and to rely on the masses to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic. After receiving the instructions, all provinces and cities put into work deployment. Party members and cadres at all levels keep in mind that the interests of the people are above all else, do not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, strengthen their confidence, and help each other in the same boat. Party members and cadres of the medical team have volunteered to write downCall for a war letter, overcome family difficulties, and rush to Wuhan for medical assistance as soon as possible. In accordance with the requirements of scientific prevention and control and precise policy implementation, let the party flag fly high in the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

Subsequently, all the Chinese people entered a state of emergency preparations, united from top to bottom, and a game of chess across the country began the battle against the epidemic: Party committees at all levels scientifically judged the situation, accurately grasped the epidemic situation, and the leading groups and leading cadres of party organizations at all levels In particular, the main responsible comrades stick to their posts, and the front command is responsible for guarding the soil, taking responsibility for guarding the soil, and fulfilling the responsibility for guarding the soil. Through extensive mobilization of the masses, organization and cohesion of the masses, and comprehensive implementation of joint defense and joint control measures, a tight line of defense for mass prevention and mass governance has been built. Relying closely on the people, from the white-clothed "warriors" on the front line of the fight against the epidemic to the heroes behind the scenes in the fight against the epidemic, at the same time, medical and life support supplies from across the country and the world have arrived in Wuhan, providing logistical support for the fight against the epidemic. From anti-epidemic volunteers, community workers, people who spontaneously fight against the epidemic, to unknown and dedicated joint prevention and control personnel of the epidemic at all levels, all walks of life, they have left their small homes and cared for everyone, and shouldered the responsibility of defending the country in the cold flag, and built a strong anti-epidemic oath in our hearts, "We are all defenders of the People's Republic of China."

General Secretary Xi said, "As long as we have firm confidence, help each other in the same boat, scientifically prevent and control, and implement precise policies, we will surely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control." Seeing that the Chinese people are not afraid or shrinking in this epidemic , the people of the whole country gathered together to fight the epidemic. On the night of the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, landmark buildings across the land of China lit up the epidemic slogans "Come on, China" and "Come on, Wuhan", racing against time and fighting against the disease. In this war without gunpowder, China will surely win . Come on, China! Come on, every Chinese! When the spring is warm and the flowers bloom, spring will always come!!

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