The evaluation of Yang Zi in the circle is really good

The evaluation of Yang Zi in the circle is really good

The reputation and acting skills in the entertainment circle are very good, and she is a rare stream in the entertainment circle.

First of all, as an actor, Yang Zi has played many roles, and her acting skills are also online!

Yang Zi has acted:

In "Family with Children" Xiaoxue

Qiu Yingying in "Ode to Joy"

Jin Mi in "Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost"

Hu Xiangxiang in "Battle of Changsha"< /p>

Zhang Xiaolei in "Heart Technique"

Wu Ruoyun in "Da Yangko"

Bai Menghua in "Flowers Are Not Flowers, Mist is Not Fog"

Li Yihuan in "Dragon Ball Legend"

Xia Ran in "The Great Marriage"

Bai Yaoyao in "The Legend of the White Snake"

The evaluation of Yang Zi in the circle is really good

Lu Xueqi in "Qing Yun Zhi"

Qiu Yingying in "Ode to Joy"

Yang Zi still has many, many dramas......

Everyone When I first met Yang Zi, it should be when "Come on, Son and Daughter".

In fact, before participating in the drama "Come on Children", Yang Zi starred in the first TV series "Secret History of Xiaozhuang" when she was 10 years old and began to show her prominence. In 2004, Yang Zi was nominated for the title of Outstanding Child Actor in the 12th China Film Boy Bull Awards for his youth campus comedy "Girl's Diary". Later, he participated in "Family with Children". Later, she gradually faded out of our field of vision. At that time, she was studying hard, and she was a top student!

Although many netizens now say that she has acted in many brainless dramas, what I want to say is: Yes, she acted in brainless dramas, but if there are no such brainless dramas, you are now How can you pay attention to her? How could she have such a high degree of attention! The competition is so fierce! For an actor, only when he becomes famous can he be noticed by more people and his acting skills can be carefully observed by others! This way, you can play your favorite drama in the future!

Yang Zi was born on November 6, 1992 and is a veritable Scorpio. But her character is not like Scorpio, which is cold on the outside, fanatical and unruly on the inside, and dares to love and hate.

Hahaha, for some places, she may be a fake Scorpio girl. Yang Zi's straightforward personality is very likable. She has no idol burden, has a cheerful personality, and has no arrogance at all. She is very kind and down-to-earth, and she will blackmail herself from time to time! porridge porridge.

After the spread of the White Snake of Chaos, Yang Zi and Ren Jialun have also become hot topics of discussion among netizens. Ren Jialun was asked in an interview: How does it feel to work with Yang Zi? Ren Jialun said 7 words to reveal Yang Zi's character, he said: "She is our pistachio". yes! Yang Zi, very optimistic, is the pistachio of many people!

When it comes to Yang Zi, I have to say Zhang Yishan! Everyone must have seen their friendship and funny mutual rivalry! . In the TV series, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan have always been playing small fights, they are very cute. Unexpectedly, when they grew up, they would still fight and fight together, and they were still together, not separated. Because they are still childhood sweethearts, the kind that will never leave, I am very envious!

There are so many beauties in the entertainment industry, it's boring to be the same, we have to appreciate different beauties. In the eyes of many viewers, Yang Zi's appearance may not be high among female stars, but it is the kind that makes people feel very comfortable. Especially her character, super good!

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