Three 800-word impressions of the movie "Riding the Wind and Waves"

Three 800-character impressions of the movie "Riding the Wind and Waves"

Introduction: Unlike many movies in recent years that depict the 1980s and 1990s but put the cart before the horse, "Riding the Wind and Waves" is not suspected of selling feelings, it is not a blunt old thing showing off, Han Han focused more shots on several protagonists. Below, the editor of Inspirational has sorted out the impressions of the movie "Riding the Wind and Waves" for you, let's take a look.

Part 1:

Before "Riding the Wind and Waves", I had almost no expectations for the movie. Just relying on the words "Riding the Wind and Waves" and the four men with their heads held high on the poster, it is completely impossible to imagine what kind of movie this is; It has an elegant feeling, but I still don't know what the story of the movie is.

If there is a bit of cynicism in Han Han's writing, then his film debut "The Future Will Never End" is a popular movie. Literary popularity is the other extreme of cynicism. Han Han became famous at a young age, and his writing style in his teens always carried a bit of cultural arrogance. No one is pleasing to the eye, and he feels that only he knows how to live life in his heart. Put down your figure If you ask him for advice, he has to make fun of you first, and then see if he is in the mood to educate you.

"The Future will not have a period" does not have the hint that everyone is drunk and I am alone, and does not try to instill the philosophy of life into the audience. , moving forward aimlessly. Han Han used "The Future Will Be Unexpected" to show his mood at that time, and the audience who watched the movie were fortunate to share his feelings. As for whether you accept it or not, it really doesn't matter, Han Han doesn't force it.

So I was quite surprised when I saw the opening of "Riding the Wind and Waves". I didn't expect Han Han to make changes in the form of the movie. The dynamics of the screen have been greatly enhanced. The narrative of the previous "The End of the Future" was at a constant speed. This time "Riding the Wind and the Waves" is accelerating and decelerating. Han Han wants to use the change of rhythm to drive the audience into his state. He is very active. Let the audience accept his story.

The purpose of "Riding the Wind and Waves" is very clear. The film will be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year, and the atmosphere must be festive. The jokes are different from the golden sentences. The golden sentences are a joke that you want to talk about, and there is a little truth in it. You can only understand it after thinking about it. It is a satirical and indifferent attitude.

But the audience on the first day of the new year is very picky. They have been talking about the truth for a year, and they go to the cinema on this day to be with family and friendsHappy, so nothing is as real as a joke. Han Han has worked hard on the jokes, every joke is very innovative, and there are no old jokes.

If it is just a collection of jokes, the movie may only be a more advanced sketch. "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves" is not. Its jokes are very modern and the mood is very nostalgic. The places with jokes make people laugh, and the places without jokes make people move. With the accompaniment of the once strong songs and golden songs, everything 20 years ago is vivid in my memory.

I especially like the combination of the story and the background music. On the screen, the protagonist looks back on his ups and downs in his life, and the background music is very calm; on the screen, a hot-blooded man fights for his brother, and the background music is very soothing . If the music here is too impassioned, this plot will immediately become vulgar and old-fashioned, which is obviously not the desired effect of a family carnival movie on the first day of the new year.

Han Han's use of music and old songs adds a lot of romanticism to "Riding the Wind and Waves", and his handling method fits the nostalgic mood very well. Each of us has been stupid at one time, in our teens or twenties when we should have been more sensible, but we still did stupid things. Back then we did a lot of things that moved and inspired us. The little boy pasted posters of popular rock stars at home, filled the CDs, and formed a band with his buddies, imagining that he could become such a celebrity in the future; the little girl every day I always wonder if the handsome guy who plays rock and roll in the class next door likes me. If we are really together, there will be a day when we break up and cry bitterly, but I can't forget him even if I speak harshly.

When we did these things, we felt that we were amazing, but there are still a few men who remember the feeling of being able to skip meals, class, and homework for the sake of rock and roll, and a few women remember how they felt when they were with boys Friends stick together every day, do you think this is the emotion of the person you have been with for a lifetime?

Real forgetting happens inadvertently, and it does not require hard work. Looking back at the beginning, the emotions in our hearts were the calmness and relief in the music of "Riding the Wind and Waves", rather than impassionedness. No matter how troublesome or stupid we were at the beginning, we could laugh it off, and time can calm all passions.

The film rarely captures a feeling: After a big man achieves success, when he thinks back on his youthful situation, he often feels that he is so young that he can’t believe that such a person only knows how to drink with friends under the street lamp The little boy who blows water will become a tycoon in the future and go through such a life of ups and downs.

The English title of "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves" is "Duckweed" (Duckweed): when we are invincible towards success, we ride the wind and break through the waves; There are a few pieces of duckweed floating on the ground, it doesn't matter whether you know the impassionedness of the past, because everything has become history.

Part 2:

First of all, let’s talk about the context of the story, that is, the driver Xu Tailang, after he succeeded, he proved to his father that he is very good. His father likes him to be a doctor and have a stable job. And the father is not good at expressing his love, which causes the sonXu Tailang's misunderstanding. (Father objected to him and went to learn racing, but he still loves to drive. As a result, his father arranged for him to drive an ambulance. This is a previous story, and he is still a racing driver.) After a simple celebration, he showed off his skills to his father, but at the turn, He crashed into an oncoming train and was dying. (The co-pilot's father is Xu Zhengtai, played by Peng Yuyan, wearing a helmet.) When Xu Tailang was dying, he flashed back to his life and discovered a new world. That was the mother who committed suicide without ever meeting him. He joined his father's passionate life more than 20 years ago, met his father's brothers back then, experienced a series of passionate events, and understood his father after being rescued and regained consciousness. I found my misunderstood fatherly love. Understand why his father wants him to be a doctor safely. At the end of the story, because the protagonist has an airbag and his father has a helmet, the two are lucky enough to be father and son in the 21st century.

The whole story revolves around Xu Tailang played by Deng Chao. According to Han Han, because he has a friend named Xu Lang, he felt that it was inappropriate to directly change his friend's name, so he added a word, and the character in the movie became Xu Tailang. Also named after real life is Peng Yuyan's dog "Mumu" in the movie. The first golden retriever Han Han raised was called this.

Han Han's attachment and long-term love for his past life is not only experienced in the name of the film character he directed, but also reflected in the background of the entire story. The whole story of "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves" takes place in "Tinglin Town", which is the name of Han Han's hometown. The actual scene was filmed in four towns around Shanghai. He also jokingly said that if the imaginary picture cannot be found, it must be not close enough to home, just like Scarlett Scarlett in "Gone with the Wind" finally returned to Tara who gave birth to her and raised her. The place "Tinglin Town" has become Han Han's imprint, an independent world of magical realism he constructed, full of imprints of the old days, video tapes, BB players, Hong Kong movies, daydreams, young people in small towns, extremely Utopian.

Including the names of every main character in the movie: Xu Zhengtai, Xu Tailang, Xiaohua, Xiaoma, Liuyi, etc., are a bit like the names given by elementary school students when they wrote essays. It seems very random, but it also seems to have a lot of meaning. Xu Zhengtai (Peng Yuyan) is a boy who is not growing up, Xu Tailang has a dissolute temperament, Xiaohua is really beautiful, and Xiaoma has a wild horse in his heart. Liu Yi is a "children" with a name like everyone else.

The film took place in 1998. Han Han’s explanation is: “Because it’s better to restore in 1998. Before the restoration, the work of art will be much larger. If there is not such a big difference, it will be better in that era, when the mobile Internet is just about to rise. Of course There will be some nostalgia or some small personal factors in it, and there must be, more or less, every director will put some of his own emotions in it." But I think this implies the meaning of "forgotten time", 1997 Hong Kong returned to China in 1999 and ushered in the new millennium in 1999. It seems that 1998 seemed bleak and dispensable.

Some people also say that 1998 was the year before Han Han's important turning point, "Han Han won the first prize in the first New Concept Composition Competition in 1999, and he dropped out of school in 2000. Will there be a huge change in life after one or two years?"

Compared to the departure of director Han Han's debut film "The Future", the theme of "Riding the Wind and Waves" is returning. "The Future Will Never End" finally saw Han Han's text-style movie, with lines in separate sentences, not an overall image; and this time "Riding the Wind and Waves" is obviously a complete movie story, not so Word document movie, with many shots There are references to classic movies, but it is worthy of appreciation. Personally, I prefer the best alley scenes in it, which is very touching.

The most interesting thing is that I noticed that the fighting scenes in "Riding the Wind and Waves" turned out to use pork, pots and pans as weapons, which is lifelike, comical, and slightly humorous and ironic. It makes people feel that this movie is just a dream in the director's world, and we stopped to watch it accidentally.

The whole Korean jokes, this kind of jokes are not obtained by picking up jokes. This sense of humor made me feel the feeling in Han Han's previous novels.

Perhaps from a movie point of view, this is not an excellent movie. It does not have an exquisite narrative structure, an exquisite plot, and no so-called humanistic care. But this movie means a lot to me. I think it's a movie about reconciliation, reconciliation with my parents, reconciliation with my past self, and reconciliation with youth and years.

I understand that the movie has mixed reviews, not everyone can empathize with it, and there is no derogatory meaning, because everyone is different, and everyone's experience is also different. It can be said that I have been reconciling with this world all the time.

My dad is Xu Zhengtai in the play. He is not a qualified husband, nor is he a qualified father. He is barely a qualified son. , He is out of tune with this society, he can't express love, he is full of a man's responsibility, but many times he makes me feel that he is still a child who has not grown up. I used to be naughty too, I hated talking to my dad, more precisely, I hated my dad, had a tense relationship with my dad, stayed outside with friends every day during the holidays, even now, we are gradually able to sit down and chat, I also Tried to tell him what was on my mind, sometimes we could sit together and have a few drinks, and I started going home more often, but I was never able to open up to him either. I have always wanted to prove to him since I was a child that he was wrong and his life was a failure. Although he never asked me for anything, I always wanted to let him know that I did better than him. Later, when I think about it, I am much better than him. My personality and way of doing things are deliberately completely opposite to my dad, and over time, it has become a part of myself. But then I learned that I didn't lose, but I never won, a part of me overlapped with a part of him, and that's a part of me that is very dear, so my dad still won, I don't want to be him, But with his look.

Not badI have a smart head, although I do not do business every day, I was admitted to a reluctant university. I grew up slowly, and I no longer look at things too radically, and I am no longer so emotional when thinking about things. Father's understanding is also increasing. I always feel that my dad treats my mom badly, and I always see my dad yelling at my mom, but although my mom doesn't want to live with my dad, she never says anything bad to him, she always tells me My dad is a very sincere and kind person. He is the most unsatisfactory among his friends, but many people regard my dad as a close friend, respect my dad, and many people sincerely like my dad. I remember my uncle said to me, to the effect that being a person like my dad is far more difficult and courageous than being a rich person.

Three 800-word impressions of the movie "Riding the Wind and Waves"

I want to understand him, I want to understand the years revealed in their few words, I began to try to reconcile with him, I no longer hold my breath to live, I know he loves me , I have always hated that he obviously loves someone but neither expresses nor can express, but ignores that I am completely such a person, I began to reconcile with myself, reconcile with the years that I can't go back and forget, and that Not perfect, always struggling, but cute teenage reconciliation. Reconciliation with the past is not denying the past, it is accepting it. The past years no longer carry a hostility, it has become a part of my life that will never go back but will always be beautiful.

Han Han is not a professional director, so he is a sincere person. People who like Han Han may feel this way. Looking back, we may not agree with Han Han’s views, but he It really made us grow up, or in other words, we grew up with him. Isn’t his life so far a life of reconciliation with the world, with his parents, and with himself, so he shoots Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves. People who liked Han Han didn't like this movie before. I think it's Han Han's success, because those of us who liked Han Han were never cynics who were led away by Han Han, but individuals who thought independently. Right or wrong, we have finally become an individual, because the most important thing for each individual is the ability to think independently, which is the most important thing Han Han brought to me. Thank you Han Han, thank you for this movie, and thank you for your youth.

Part 3:

Han-style time travel is a bit awesome!

"Boy, you can't put diesel in your car." After many years, this is still my deepest impression of Han Han's first work "The Future Will Be Unlimited". I watched the first of four films, the policeman in the green shirt riding a motorcycle that is low on one side and high on the other side chasing him awkwardly and a little kindly, reminded me of my father and grandpa, ah, I have seen it.

The son relived his father's youth in this way, and gradually realized the difficulties and the stories behind it that he had thought about all night when he made some decisions. So I like Luo Li very much. Although he is only a younger brother, he still retains his sincerity towards women and rules in his bones. When the pure and dull "61-style characters" have caused the audience's aestheticWhen you are tired, perhaps the unexpected cuteness and kindness of the villain will be so precious. Just like a very bad person, whenever he does a little bit of good deeds, everyone will feel that he is a prodigal son and forgive him.

When I watched this video, I was very happy, and I laughed for a long time.

But I don’t like Zhao Liying a little bit, just like the name Niu Aihua, no matter how I changed it to Zhang Suzhen and said "my father wants to see the sky tomorrow" I still think she is right The effect of force is just that little bit. Shhh, it's actually because, a boy I liked when I was a fool, I like her!

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