Tough and strong, you can cross the desert of thorns

With tenacity and strength, you can cross the desert of thorns

Life is a journey. In our journey of life, there may be sunshine, or there may be storms , In fact, these are not important, what is important is whether we have a tough and strong heart.

Although there are difficulties, dangers and abysses in life, this should not be a reason for us to shrink back. There is nothing impossible in life, even if it is an impossible dream in the eyes of others, as long as we think it is our own wish and are willing to pursue it unremittingly, sooner or later our dreams will come true.

It may not be difficult for a person to overcome a little difficulty, but what is difficult is to be able to persevere until he finally succeeds. If you are at the crossroads of your life and are being tortured by various difficulties, don't complain, accept it with a positive attitude, and make persistent efforts. I believe that after the storm, you will surely achieve the goal of your life brilliant.

Story of Yugong Yishan

It is said that a long time ago, there were two big mountains in the south of Jizhou and north of Hanshui River. One was called Taihang Mountain and the other was called Wangwu Mountain. There are seven hundred miles.

In the north of the mountain, there lived an old man named Yu Gong, who was nearly ninety years old. The gate of his house is facing these two mountains, and it is very inconvenient to go around when going out to do business. Yu Gong is determined to dig up these two mountains.

One day, he called the whole family together and said to them: "These two big mountains block our way out. Let's work together to dig it out and open a road leading to Yuzhou." , do you like it?"

Everyone agreed, only his wife raised a question. She said: "Where are the stones and soil dug out from mountains as tall as Taihang and Wangwu?"

Everyone said: "It's easy to handle, throw the soil and stones into the Bohai Sea Just on the side! No matter how much you have, you don’t have to worry about no place to pile it up.”

At dawn the next day, Yu Gong led the whole family to start digging.

His neighbor is a widow. She has a seven or eight-year-old son who has just had his baby teeth replaced, and she also jumps up and down to help.

Everyone worked very hard and rarely went home to rest throughout the year.

There lived an old man beside the Yellow River. He was very shrewd, and people called him Zhisou. He saw Yugong and the others working so hard to dig mountains and transport soil throughout the year, and thought it was ridiculous, so he went to advise Yugong: "You are so stupid, how many days can you live at such an old age?Even with all your strength, you can't pull out a few grasses on the mountain, so how can you move such a big mountain?"

Yu Gong sighed deeply and said, "I think you think you are smart. , In fact, I am stubborn, not as good as widows and children! Yes, I am old, and I will not live for a few years. However, after I die, I still have a son, and the son has a grandson, and the grandson has a son; the sons and grandchildren, from generation to generation, have been passed down, endlessly. But these two mountains will not grow any higher, why can't we dig them up!"

Tough and strong, you can cross the desert of thorns

After hearing these words, the wise old man who thought he was smart had nothing to say

When the mountain god knew about this, he was afraid that Yugong would keep digging, so he went to report to God.

Old Yugong’s spirit moved God, so he sent two powerful God descended to earth and carried away two mountains, one to the east of Shuofang and the other to the south of Yongzhou. From now on, there will be no high mountains to block the south of Jizhou and the north of Han River.

Foolish Old Man Moves Mountains Persevere. Although the mountain is high, as long as you dig it every day, every month, every year, and from generation to generation, there will always be a day when you finish digging. Why not do things like this? When you encounter difficulties, you only need to solve them bit by bit. Persevere in your efforts and you will succeed in the end.

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