Youth Digest: Don't Pin Your Hopes on Others

In the fourth year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty, Zeng Guofan led the Hunan army to "build a banner and march eastward". When his general Taqibu led his troops to Chongyang, he was ambushed by a small Taiping army. Besieged in a small col. According to the original plan, Hu Linyi, a Daoist from Guizhou, would lead his troops to meet him three days later. If you attack Hu Linyi inside and outside, it will be easy to eliminate the Taiping army.

Although they were besieged, the soldiers were not worried at all, because the food and grass were enough to last for three days. While on standby, some soldiers even simply lay down and fell asleep. But Tazib issued an order to let the soldiers drill and actively prepare for the battle. At the same time, they also asked everyone to find ways to find more food and water sources.

One of Tazib's confidants asked puzzledly: "Don't you trust Lord Hu Linyi?" Tazib replied: "No, as a cooperative ally, I trust him a lot." "Then you Why do you need everyone to prepare food and prepare for war?" Tazib shook his head with a smile, but did not answer.

However, until the fifth day, there was still no news of Hu Linyi leading his troops. Fortunately, Tazib had prepared the soldiers in advance, and the morale of the soldiers was still very high. On the sixth day, Hu Linyi led his troops to come, and Taqibu led his troops to break through the siege and broke through the siege of the Taiping Army.

The soldiers all thought that Taqibu had expected that Hu Linyi would "break his promise", but Taqibu waved his hand and said: "Hu Linyi did not break his promise, but the situation on the battlefield is complicated and changeable, and accidents happen frequently. So , you should be fully prepared at any time, and don't pin your hopes on others." After hearing this, everyone admired it.

Only by holding your destiny firmly in your own hands, can you calmly face accidents and save yourself from danger.

Youth Digest: Don't Pin Your Hopes on Others

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