Youth Digest: Hurt by Yourself

There was a 17-year-old boy in the UK who bought lottery tickets randomly and won a jackpot of 2 million pounds. After winning the lottery, he bought a house, a car, and a luxury house. After a while, he felt that he had lost his life goals in the squandering. So he moved away and escaped from the world. Unexpectedly, he suffered from depression soon after. At the age of 29, he died in a mansion. He said: "Everyone faces death in a different way, and everyone will leave one day."

I told this story to my friend, who shook his head and said, "Give you enough money, but don't There is nothing crueler than giving you a goal in life." I said, "He was hurt by himself."

In the practice of survival, sometimes, the material state is far from enough for us Inner needs, we also need a kind of spiritual nourishment, that is, whether you are in a saturated or hollow place, you can look up to your own happiness with a self-knowledge attitude. Don't let the monster whose heart is cracked due to the expansion of desire distort his beliefs, so as to be hurt by himself.

Coincidentally, I opened my mailbox and found an email from a graduate student. After graduating, he worked as a researcher in a company in Guangzhou and traveled to major markets in Guangzhou every day. The few college graduates who worked with him were indeed smarter than him, and knew how to look for various opportunities to slow down and be lazy. They worked very easily every day, but he was the only one who was there like a desperate man. So, he went to learn from them. His colleagues gave him advice and asked him to walk on the edge of the policy, so that he could keep his position and not let himself be affected. But my student, who is kind by nature, felt guilty after a long time. So he asked my opinion. I said bluntly: "You can indeed treat work like that, sneaking in behind your back, and dressing up in front of the boss against your will. But so what, at most the boss will think you are working and will not fire you, and you are at most in that position Work for the rest of your life. What you are sorry for is not only the boss, but also your own conscience. In that case, you will eventually be hurt by your own worldly vices." After hearing this, the student showed shame. Afterwards, he became Desperate Saburo again. Of course, those days were tough. Now, he told me that he has been promoted to a department manager, and those colleagues who gave him advice are still small employees.

Sometimes, we cannot succeed, except for the influence of external factors, most of the time we are hurt by ourselves. The mime actor Chaplin said: "Looking at life with a magnifying glass, life is a tragedy; looking at life through a telescope, life is a comedy." But in life, we are often unwilling to use a telescope to look at our own life. Instead, he only took a magnifying glass to clean the temporary wound on his body short-sightedly. As a result, he succeeded in oozing pus and died. This is the sorrow of being clever, and it is the sorrow of those who use cleverness. If we take a long-term view, we can calmly deal with the current joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys with a more sober attitude, and let usGo longer, longer, and more brilliantly by yourself.

Youth Digest: Hurt by Yourself

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