Youth Digest: It takes a little wisdom to be happy

The competition did not win, but the Italians were able to revel and congratulate; they won the third place, but the Chinese team members showed displeasure. How can this stark contrast not make people feel sad? The reason for this is thought-provoking: Chinese people's "first" complex, Chinese people's utilitarian mentality, like a ruthless broom, almost wiped out the happiness of life.

It seems that to be happy, you really need a little wisdom.

Winning prizes is certainly gratifying, but enjoying the joy of the competition is even more indispensable. The game is like this, so is learning and life. If you place too much emphasis on being number one and being too utilitarian, and you want to be at the top of everything, and you want gold and silver awards for everything, then you will always be carrying a heavy cross on your life journey, making your steps difficult and possibly miserable.

Therefore, a happy life must be a life of self-acceptance and freedom. Just like the Italians, everyone does their best to make no mistakes, everyone performs well, and there is no regret in life. Therefore, they can laugh and have reasons to revel and congratulate. Therefore, real happiness must lie beyond utilitarianism; too much desire may sometimes be a spiritual shackle.

Looking at our education, it seems that we have also gone to extremes. All over the country, education for becoming a talent is popular; all over the country, successful learning continues to flourish. Students, parents, and even schools define success as getting high marks in the exam and getting into a prestigious school and winning a prize. However, "adult" education has been downplayed, and happy education has been ignored.

The whole society is almost focused on the college entrance examination, and all their minds are devoted to the sprint in June. The spectacular scene of thousands of troops crossing the single-plank bridge, like a Hollywood blockbuster, is grandly staged every year. Everyone is happy to be named on the gold list; if the name falls to Sun Shan, it may become an unspeakable disaster. The number one scholar has been envied since ancient times and is sought after everywhere. And few people ask with compassion: Are your lives happy?

Achieving happiness actually requires a bit of wisdom: reduce desires, reduce demands, don't go to extremes, don't seek perfection, just do your best. Because people's abilities vary, and people's levels vary. You don't need to be the first to pressure yourself, you don't need others to force yourself, and you don't need to use rankings to annoy yourself. Standing on the stage of life, whether it is the end of the stage or the end of the stage, it is enough to play your role well with all your heart. If it's a carp, you can roam freely in your own clear stream; if it's an eagle, you can fly willfully in your own blue sky; if it's a horse, you can gallop freely on your own grassland.

Life is a marathon, you win the first place, you enjoy the flowers and applause, but you don't need to be proud; It hurts so much. Enjoying the process of running, exercising a strong will, and realizing the value of participation, this is a great harvest. The joy and charm of life are not just brave participation again and again,Is it the first time to make progress without regret? If you work hard, you will have no regrets in life; if you work hard, you will have no regrets in your career.

Just like Liu Xiang, he enjoys flowers and applause when he wins the championship; he has no regrets when he loses the game, never gives up, and always insists on walking his own way. It is the demeanor of a person to not only enjoy the joy of success, but also withstand the test of failure.

If you worry about gains and losses, always set yourself an unattainable standard, always put yourself in a competitive relationship with others, worry about gains and losses, worry, and cry bitterly, then what is life like? Happy sometimes?

Get it, don't be crazy, lose it, don't be sad; you can afford it, let it go, and think about it. Symbiosis in competition, happiness in symbiosis.

It can be seen that obtaining happiness does not require much advanced knowledge. In fact, it is a very simple wisdom: do not seek perfection, do not criticize yourself, no matter what the result is, "Those who do their best will have no regrets" carry on". ?

Youth Digest: It takes a little wisdom to be happy

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