Youth Digest: Spring Breeze, Elegance and Capability

There is a little poem in "Spring Water" written by old man Bing Xin: "The flowers in the corner, when you admire yourself alone, the world will be small." As a reference, we suddenly discovered the philosophy contained in the poem.

In real life, people often feel that they are unhappy, not because so many unfortunate things happen in life, but because some people only see themselves.

Because you only have yourself in your eyes, you only think about problems and judge right and wrong from your own point of view in everything, and you only use your own imagination as the standard for the warmth and warmth of human relationships, and you don't care about other people's feelings at all, so you will naturally have a lot of dissatisfaction with others. For example, the words "take" and "give", these people only know how to take, but they don't know how to give. Take it, take it, and be greedy.

If you only have yourself in your eyes, you will feel that your parents don’t give you enough. If you have only yourself in your parents’ eyes, you will feel that your children are not treating you well enough. "other people's", but everyone forgot to think about a question, whether they have given the same return.

This is the case between husband and wife and friends.

If a person only has himself in his eyes, it is like a computer screen full of files, and it is not easy for others to squeeze in. I have been with such a person for a long time, and every day there is only dissatisfaction and complaints, and it is difficult for people around me to see hope.

I think it's because you only have yourself in your eyes, and everyone else has become others. How can others be more important than yourself? So, unconsciously, the contributions of others are ignored and erased bit by bit.

Such a person is not only a kind of pain to himself, but also a kind of misfortune to the giver.

Actually, although life is not everything you want, it may not be so unbearable, the key depends on how you look at it. In dealing with the world, the first thing to bear the brunt is a problem of attitude-selfishly think that we should not only have ourselves in our eyes, but also others. Only when you can put others in your eyes, can you discover the goodness of others and be kind to others.

The spring breeze is elegant and can accommodate things, and the autumn water articles are not stained with dust. As far as life is concerned, beauty and not beauty are objective, but the image in people's mind is often only in a person's thought. Perhaps, we should complain less and understand more. After understanding, there may be more understanding and moving.

Youth Digest: Spring Breeze, Elegance and Capability

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