Youth Digest: The Truth About Happiness

Da Li and his wife were driving to the supermarket for shopping. They just parked in the parking lot when a car backed up in the next parking space. The young man who drove may be a novice. , The body of the car leaned a little bit, and ended up touching the rearview mirror of Da Li's car. There was a "squeak", and both sides were stunned.

Before Da Li had time to speak, an old lady got out of the boy's car and rushed over to caress the scratches on her own car, her voice trembling with distress: "My son spent more than a hundred thousand yuan. You just bought the car, you have to pay for it!"

When Da Li heard this, he was very angry: You old lady is too unreasonable, obviously your son is not good at driving, why should I pay for it?

The old lady's son is a sensible person, he jumped out of the car immediately, pulled Da Li aside, and said softly: "I'm really sorry, it's all my fault, what's wrong with your car, I'll pay for it "

The young man immediately took out his business card from his pocket, wrote down his mobile phone and license plate number, and handed it to Da Li.

The young man said to Da Li: "My mother just came from the country, and a few hundred yuan is a lot of money to her. Today is her birthday, and I don't want her to be unhappy about it. Do you want us to go first, then I will definitely..."

Hearing what he said, Da Li's heart suddenly moved. He patted the young man on the shoulder, then walked up to the old lady, handed over his business card, and said, "Please don't worry, I have already told your son to drive the car to be repaired first, this is my My address and phone number are on the business card, don't worry, I will pay for the cost of repairing the car." The old lady let out a long sigh of relief.

The young man gave Da Li a grateful glance.

The wife who witnessed the whole incident later asked Da Li very puzzled: "This is not like your character. Isn't the most unbearable thing you usually can't stand is being wronged?"

Da Li smiled and said: "But I suddenly discovered that if you want to get a piece of happiness, sometimes it is very simple." (Youth Digest)

Youth Digest: The Truth About Happiness

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