Youth Digest: Where to nest is very important

Spring is here, and the birds are preparing to lay eggs and reproduce.

The sparrows thought they were not very good at making nests, so they built their nests in the holes in the mud wall, brought soft grass and feathers, and a nest was quickly made.

As for the magpies, they thought they were masters at making nests, so they built their nests on a tall poplar tree: with wooden sticks, they were connected horizontally and vertically, tightly together , and the grass is fixed on wooden sticks around. After a lot of hard work, you're done.

One day, a strong wind blew up, but the sparrow's nest was safe and sound; what about the magpie's nest? The nest is turned over and the eggs are beaten, and there are no eggs under the overturned nest. As soon as the sky cleared, the magpies began to build their nests in place again. In this way, the nest was built, and when the wind blew, the nest was turned over again.

The magpie was very frustrated and asked the sparrow: "Why is your nest never blown over by the wind, but mine is always blown over?" The sparrow smiled and said, "My nest is on the wall. In the hole, your nest is on a tree, and it is easy to be blown over when the wind blows!"

The magpie suddenly realized that building a nest is very important, but choosing the right place to build a nest is more important, just like ours Like some people around me, they are busy all day long but achieve nothing. The key is that they don't think about the essentials of things.

Youth Digest: Where to nest is very important

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